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December 23, 2013

What?  It's the Monday before Christmas?!
Where has the time gone?

Okay, calm down.  Deep breaths.  This happens every year.

          1.  Make a list of what you still have to do.
          2.  Beside each item write the initials of the person to whom
               you can delegate the job.
          3.  Make a cup of tea or coffee and let's share some clever,
               economical Repurposeful Monday ideas!

How cute is this darling snowman made from fishing bobbers?

One Artsy Mama

The Holiday Helper

Do you recognize the 'wreath' of this tiny ornament?
Home Talk
It's a wood curtain ring.  Cute!

Remember last week when I told you that
Walmart has clear ornaments for 88¢?
Gimmie Freebies
Scratched cds, glue and the inexpensive balls
are all you need to make these darling ornaments.

Do you have old sweaters you no longer wear?
Turn them into ornaments or Christmas decor:
Etsy Source

Etsy Source

Styrofoam cones, cut up sweaters and a glue gun
are all you need to make these Christmas trees:
Bargain Hoot

If you don't have styrofoam cones you can use
heavy cardboard cut in the silhouette of a tree:
Find it. Make it. Love it.

Old sweaters can also be used to make boot toppers:
Brit & Co.
Not only do sweaters add a cute fashion touch
they also prevent your tights from getting snagged.

Sweater sleeves and Mason jars create instant votives:

A vintage salt shaker, a piece of old
rhinestone jewelry, a faded ribbon . . . .

Etsy Source

If you run across a sugar bowl that's lost it's
matching creamer, think about painting it.

This beautiful wreath is composed of pages from an
outdated atlas, sheet music, and pages from an old book:

Do you have family members who live out-of-state?  Have
the children make map ornaments from their location:

Maps can be used to decoupage ornaments or . . . .

. . . . . to wrap gifts:

Thrift shops offer inexpensive, used keyboards
that can be broken down into usable parts:
How To Recycle

Hang Ups
Click here to view the pictorial tutorial on
how to make a measuring stick ornament.

Springs from clothes pins were used
to make this precious star ornament:
Home Talk

Twine was wound around a canning jar lid
to make the base of this darling ornament:
Chipping With Charm

An old bicycle basket is the foundation
of this interesting door decoration:

An old milk crate makes a unique tree stand:
Etsy Source

A beautiful piece of drift wood, an old board and scrap wood
were combined with old ornaments to make a charming tree:
The Space Between

A vintage slinky was used to make this ingenious wreath:

Galvanized tubs were stacked to create a primitive tree:

Thanks for stopping by and sharing these ingenious Christmas repurposing
ideas.  Now, go check on those 'volunteers' who are helping with your to-do list!


  1. Merry Christmas..all good things in the New Year, Hugs, Mary

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful holiday, Jan

  2. Ha Ha! Love that first photo and your 'checklist'! You always find the cutest ideas - I need to come back and do some pinning! Too many cute ideas - so little time! But there is always next year! Hope you are finding a quiet moment - Merry Christmas, Dear! xo Karen

    1. Karen, thanks so much for taking a moment in your busy schedule to stop by. Time really seems to speed up this time of year, doesn't it? Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, Jan

  3. Merry Christmas, Jan! Too late for this year, but I'm going to keep a lot of these ideas in mind for next year. Maybe if I start in January....

    1. Every year I tell myself that! One of my favorite quotes: Nothing beats The Last Minute for Motivation! Thanks for stopping by, Jan

  4. So glad we connected this year. Merry Christmas!!

  5. I don't know if you have instructions for your clothespin stars or not. I would love to learn about how you made them!
    Cindy Hoard -

  6. I don't know if you have instructions for your clothespin stars or not. I would love to learn about how you made them!
    Cindy Hoard -