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December 2, 2013

(Sorry for shouting but I've been waiting to say that for a long time.)
What better way to kick off the most popular month
of the year than with some Christmas repurposing?

In case you haven't heard me say it before:  I love the Dollar Tree!
Everything you'll need to make these precious salt shaker tree
'globes' can be purchased at the Dollar Tree or at Dollar General.

 Do you have extra metal cookie cutters lying around?
Upcycle them into ornaments.

 A paper back makes a novel Christmas centerpiece:

A vintage brass door knob is the base for
this lacy handkerchief Christmas tree:

Using small eye hooks, turn your little ones'
building blocks into happy-memory ornaments:

Why pay $15 for a set of bicycle chain
ornaments when you can make your own?

Make a special Christmas banner with stenciled pages from a text book:

Are you looking for a way to display
the Christmas cards you receive? 
Ever considered using a gravy bowl or a coat hanger?
The basic materials for these next two ideas can probably
be found at your local Habitat for Humanity thrift shop.  You
can leave the outdoor light fixture in its natural metal state or
spray paint it for the holidays:
The J-O-Y letters mounted on an old cabinet door can be
purchased for a few dollars at most hobby or craft stores.

If your house is like my house then you probably have
lots of single socks lying around the laundry room.
Don't toss those sole survivors - use them as coffee warmers:

Pair old jeans and sweaters to make darling
and original Christmas stockings and pillows::
Isn't this a terrific idea?!  Salvage parts of holiday sweaters to
make hooped ornaments.  Check out the craft department
of thrift shops for inexpensive, small stitching hoops.
I fell in love with these heart ornaments:

Yes, that is a bunt pan hung on the front door with a piece of burlap!

Is there a young lady in your family who is stridently fashion forward?
If so then be prepared for her to raid your vintage costume jewelry
collection.  Bejeweled boots - that's almost an oxymoron!

Vintage baubles were used to make this stunning jewel tree:

A spray painted Dollar Tree frame and a vintage reindeer
broach make a charming gift tag or ornament:

With all of the painting that hubby and I have done on the new
house, THIS is the wreath we should have on our front door:
Dishfunctional Designs

Being Frugally Sally
If you're out and about today stop by the Dollar Tree and pick up
a few battery powered votives.  They make darling snowmen nightlights.

December holds so many promises and opportunities
for giving.  Let's make it a wonderful month.


  1. LOVE the boots and the salt shakers!!!!!

    1. I think the boots are darling, too. It's great to know that vintage costume jewelry can be appreciated by young people, too. And those little salt shakers are so easy to make! -- Jan

  2. These are all great ideas Jan!

    1. It's so much fun to find interesting and unusual ideas to share with fleaChic readers. Thanks for letting me know that you think like I do! -- Jan

  3. Love the paperback novel Christmas tree!

    1. That really is a cute idea and one that just about anyone can do. Thanks for stopping by! -- Jan