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May 21, 2014

When I say, "Primitives," you say, "__________!"

Probably one of the most unique of decorating styles,
Primitive Décor has hardly varied since it came on the
scene over 40 years ago.

Once fairly plentiful, antique dough bowls
are getting harder and harder to find.

Behind My Red Door
When I first became acquainted with the Primitive movement through
cross-stitch patterns, I immediately thought, "Little House on the
Prairie!"  It also reminds me of the Shaker style with a big dose of
of Americana thrown in for good measure.

Distinct by its colors - muted earth tones and deep reds - Primitive
accessories feature rustic farm tools, Bucks County ginghams,
metal stars, and dried flowers and herbs.
Primitive was one of the first decorating
styles to incorporate repurposing.
Quilts play a big part in the Primitive genre.
And the simplest of implements make a huge impact.

An adorable vintage bucket was
turned into a charming light fixture.
Farm implements are also prominently featured in Primitive décor.
Some consider scripture as a defining
aspect of the Primitive movement.  It
was a requirement in early samplers.
When applied to a decorating scheme the term 'country' is usually
a blend of many different styles.  So, if you're captivated by the
simple and homey warmth of Primitive décor, consider incorporating
aspects of it into your country home.


  1. What a great post! If I had another house, it would all be done in primitives. I had a primitive kitchen for 30 years and 5 years ago I turned into a beachy theme. I sure do miss my country kitchen. Love all of the photos.

    1. Isn't the Primitive style fascinating? I guess it's the historic aspect of it that really attracts me along with the simplicity and textures.

  2. I have learnt something new, I didn't know this style was called Primitive. It is an emotive style.

    1. Primitive has its foundations in the earliest of American décor. I love the rustic aspect of it.

  3. I love those antique dough bowls, always wondered what they were, now I know, I think next time I see one I shall buy it!!! I always liked antiquey things, I still use a lot of my stuff.

    1. Dough bowls have always been a favorite of mine, too. They're so organic and everyone has a story. The collection on the wall is beautiful, isn't it?