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May 19, 2014

Today's Repurposeful Monday is actually a continuation
of Friday's Before & After projects -  repurposing closets
into more useful areas of the house.

If you absolutely, positively do not need the foyer closet to
house coats and umbrellas consider turning it into a decorative
nook.  It will make the foyer seem larger and more inviting.
This closet is a mud room all by itself.

Even though I never saw the 'before' photo of this
foyer, I think that a bench is better than a closet.

This bedroom had two closets - one was turned into a
bookcase.  Now the room has SO much more character.

Seriously, who doesn't love a nook?

You just can't over-estimate the rewards of adding
architectural interest to an other-wise boring area.

It's hard to believe that this lovely
sitting area was formerly a closet.
The same closet/seating area with different pillows and accessories.
The wall-mounted light fixtures make this area even more functional.
Drapes add a sophisticated touch to this space.

Such a sleek and modern look.

How much do you love this closet-turned-bookcase?!  It's so
cool that the homeowners left the louvered doors in place.
A basement rec room closet was converted into bar space.


Who knew that a closet could be so elegant?

I simply love this project.

Lots of houses with staircases have a little area under the steps
that is either a closet or is simply walled-over, unused space.
This darling sitting area is now a compliment to the foyer.

A few years ago I did a post similar to today's where I featured this
picture.  I loved the idea so much that I kept the photo.  Cute, isn't it?

What better use of a closet (amidst book
shelves) than as a reading nook?

 Yes, what was a closet is now a bed!

What 'tween wouldn't love to have this bedroom?
And, golly!  Check out those extra drawers.

Ana White
This nursery nook still works as a closet
but now it's so much more.

Handmade Charlotte
 You can almost double the size of a child's
room by installing bunk beds in a closet.

Point 2
Definitely a contender for Coolest Parents on the Block idea!

Let's get real - at some point ALL children's rooms are
less than pristine.  What's so amazing about this photo
is that a house façade was built in front of the closet.

I know!  Darling idea, isn't it?

Project Nursery
Putting the crib in a closet space is a great idea if
the baby shares the nursery with an older sibling.

NOTE:  one of the great aspects of turning a closet
into another type of space is that you can simply
rehang the door(s) and - boom - it's a closet again.

Here's another photo that I posted in the past:
A mini-library!  I love it.

Smart looking desk cubby hole.

One of the things that makes this little office so appealing is that
it's painted a cheerful color that compliments the rest of the room.

Note the special touches that made this
closet office conversion so complete:
Point 2
The board and batten molding, the chic chair, the mirror,
and art-inspired clipboard are genius touches.

Did you like today's Repurposeful Monday closet ideas?
Maybe these photos will have you considering your
closets' full potential.


  1. What wonderful ideas if you have an unused closet...I have never been lucky enough to have enough closet space!

    1. I need to devote a post to finding extra storage space through home décor. Is it even possible to have enough closets or storage space?!

  2. Some absolutely brilliant ideas there! Wish I had the space....

    1. You'd have to be rich in closets to turn one into a nook or mini-office. But the children's room ideas are really cute, aren't they?