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May 29, 2014

Future Flea Market Finds
Today's post features present day treasures that might have
a chance of becoming collectible over the next 20 to 30 years.

Environmentally conscious brides have been carrying vintage
jeweled bouquets for a few years now and they're incredibly
appealing.  Imagine how collectible they'll be in another 50 years.

Etsy Source
One of the appeals of collecting antique jewelry is that most of
the pieces were custom made and are one-of-a-kinds. Today's
craftsmen are creating exquisite designs such as this Morganite
and diamond engagement ring set in 18k rose gold.  Stunning.

Personalized wedding gifts will be future family heirlooms.

Okay, enough love stuff.  Let's get to practical matters!

Jan Matson
Known for her whimsical animal paintings, beach scenes
and landscapes, Jan Matson's distinctive style will surely be
just as popular in years to come as it is today.

Etsy Source
We've all had a good laugh at today's many moustache-themed
crafts but future collectors might have the last chuckle.

Gasoline price placards have given way to the digital age
and have already become challenging to find.  Imagine how
popular they'll be in years to come.

Authentic 90's leather Prada sneakers can be purchased
today for $95 without their original box.  Might be a good idea
to keep an eye out for vintage tennis shoes at yard sales.

Most of us think of hand painted china as an art form from the
past but today's china painters are producing beautiful and
unique pieces which can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Have you seen a 365 Day Knitting Clock?

This wall mounted 3 dimensional clock actually knits as time passes.
Instead of showing time in numbers this clock knits one stitch every
half hour, 24 hours is marked by a full 'circle' around the tube and a
year produces a 2 meter length scarf.  A new skein of yarn has to be
loaded after one year.  Will future collectors think this gadget is
weirdly charming or just depressing?!

The Keep Calm poster phenomenon actually began in England
during World War II to encourage the British people to keep
a stiff upper lip.
Unfortunately, the novelty has worn off with the limitless
imitators of the original slogan.  Give it another 50 years and a
whole new generation of collectors will think they're cool.

Etsy Source
Hand crafted wraps and infinity scarves are sure to be future collectibles
as they have become staples of today's stylish wardrobes.

Home D-Zine
Forget ghastly stuffed deer heads, today's wall art designers
came up with a better idea - fabric animal heads.  If you can
keep one clean for 4 or 5 decades it's sure to increase in value.

Etsy Source
I don't know how long silhouette décor will be popular
but I do know that it's bound to come back again. 

Maybe we'll have an entirely new term for collectibles - Boomerangs!

While it's impossible to predict which of today's fads will become
future collectibles, the one thing I DO know for certain is that it's
all tied to your basic Supply and Demand principle.

Remember the manic hysteria of Cabbage Patch Kids, Beanie Babies,
and baseball cards?  Mass production will ruin the value of an item
faster than Kim Kardashian can change husbands. 

If antique, vintage, or retro décor appeals to you then enjoy it.
If it goes up in value - bonus!   


  1. Jan,
    What a great post! I love the knitting clock... I had no idea something like this was even out there...

  2. Love the brooch bocquets. Knitting clock ... just weird!!

  3. Love Love Love the Cow painting, the Knitting Clock and the Gasoline place cards.
    Despise the Keep Calm and Carry On stuff. too much everywhere. I
    f you found an old one from the war thats ok. but so sick of seeing that everywhere.
    Now must look up the knitting clock.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Ok. Here's the thing. I absolutely need those throw pillows. They totally match the drapes in my music room.

  5. I love that Bouque!! Amazing

  6. Why so high just for smelly sneakers?

  7. If only we could predict what was going to be the next hot collectible. I love the bouquet idea.