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May 23, 2014

Oh, my gosh - I have some great Before & After projects to
share with you today.  It's a fun way to end the week, isn't it?
Can you count the many changes in this
amazing media room transformation?

It's stunning, isn't it?  A sense of balance was created
by changing the dated slant roof to a curved ceiling and
placing a fireplace in the middle of beautiful new cabinets.
This distressed fireplace was also given a chic makeover. 
So sophisticated now.
Spectacular results can be achieved with simple projects, too.
The 3 drawer side chest, below, was actually advertised as
free on Craigslist.
Before                                               After

Crazy great idea, right?!
We might walk past this dresser and think, "Unsalvageable!"

What a beautiful rescue.

New upholstery makes a 60 year old Mid-Century Modern
padded chair look completely at home in it's new décor.
Before                                                     After 
This modern day reproduction of an earlier
chair was in sore need of new upholstery.
Before                                                   After
One word: Paint.
Two words:  Ah mazing!!!
Believe it or not, $13 worth of paint transformed
this bland space into a striking work of art:
Love the updated little lamp, too.
Remember last Friday when I featured Before & After closet projects?
Well, I forgot to include this one:
Instead of using 2 more chairs with the kitchen table,
the owners decided to install a bench in the nook:
Before                                                        After
When a couple had new windows installed in their home
they realized that the old windows had potential.
They used the old windows to build a glass Summer room.
Very cool repurposing, guys.
$5 worth of fabric not only hides the potty
chair but adds a soft touch to a small bath.
Not only were these kitchen cabinets stripped and re-stained, another
small storage cabinet was added along with new counter tops:
Okay, you know I like to end a Before &After Friday post
with an awe-inspiring restoration.  Be prepared to be awed.

The owners purchased this fire-damaged historic
house and restored it to its former glory.  Great job.
Did you enjoy today's project photos?  They're all quite inspiring
and motivating.  It's a long Memorial Day weekend so maybe
you'll have time to start a project of your own.  See you Monday!


  1. Love before and afters...Good choices


    1. B&A photos are my favorites, too. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

  2. "FleaChic: flea market savvy" has been included in my Arlynda Lea's Sites to See #1. I hope this helps to call attention to your efforts.

    1. You're sweet! Thanks so much. I can't tell you how often I think that, after 4 years of posts, that the next one is my last. I really appreciate your recommendation.

  3. Your hand has done magic in all the rooms. They look very beautiful!

  4. All the make overs are amazing! I love seeing the changes!

  5. visiting from Buttons and LOVE the glass summer house...fabulous!