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May 27, 2014

Things I have absolutely no use for but
would definitely buy at a flea market:
Willis P. Hazzard, Philadelphia, 1854

Um . . . . especially adapted to the use of professional people? 

The ultimate paper weight:

A reproduction of a Medieval iron armor glove.

Etsy Source
I would love to have one of these vintage tricycles
to put in the garden.  Brings back such memories.

Weird Vintage
An 1969 ad for a hip huggin' hair extention - only $1.95
when it was new.  Groovy!

A 1920's photo of a bridal couple seriously ahead of their time.


In a campaign to discourage teen crime in the 1960's local
police published 'prevention' photos of fake felons.  Does
anyone from Minneapolis remember Donna Lethal?

There seems to be a niche of collectors for just about every subject, including memorabilia on Albert Einstein.  The advertisers were clever to state that Mentos might help people get ideas, not get smarter.
Cool Picture Gallery

I've heard of these but I've never seen one:
 It's hard for many of us to believe but between 1920 and 1933,
a period called Prohibition, it was illegal to produce, import,
transport, and sale alcoholic beverages in the U.S.  Vintners
became marketing geniuses in efforts to save their businesses.  A
New York state wine grower invented a concentrated Wine
Brick about he size of a pound stick of butter that you supposedly
could mix with water and produce wine.  (I'll never look down
my nose at boxed wine, again.)

 We've all seen bronzed baby shoes but has
anyone ever run across a pair of bronzed lips?!

 What Pez aficiondo's collection would be
complete without a space gun dispenser?

Younger readers might not know that showers weren't
regularly built into bathrooms until the 1950s.  The new
contraption introduced a new industry - shower caps.

For only 10¢ you can buy a book of luck, dreams, and charms.
Also cures coughs, colds and all lung troubles.  What a bargain!

Yes, flea markets are interesting treasure hunts and similar to
a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get!


  1. Some fascinating items. I wonder what the brick of wine tasted like? I think I could pull off that shower cap look! I imagine the witchcraft book is an interesting read.

    1. Those shower caps really rock - like the swim caps women use to wear.

  2. lovely post :) I really enjoy reading your blog! haha keep in touch x Peach