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May 16, 2014

Welcome to another Before & After Friday.  For those of us
who haven't gotten around to finishing our Spring Cleaning,
today's post will provide much needed inspiration.
"For what?" you may ask.
For closets!

Game night will be a lot more fun now that
the owners can actually find the games:
Before                                                               After

Organization = Efficiency

Efficiency = Time and Money saved!

Before                                                          After
Before                                                    After
The 'before' photo of this closet looks pretty good to me. . . .
. . .but there's always room for improvement.

Let's admit it - most of us have
had a closet in this condition:

From "Yucky" to "Useful":


Remember:  a closet can be more than a storage area.
Closets make great mini offices:

Jennifer Filippone

Before                                                                  After

This closet was turned into a craft station:

Beneath My Heart

If you'd like to have a reading nook,
consider converting a closet into one:
I hope that today's Before & After photos inspire you to
reorganize or reuse some of the closets in your home.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Helpful post! I have three closets with organizers, and I just realized what is wrong with mine. I have no baskets. The other two do, and they have stayed organized.

    1. Baskets are awesome essentials in Closet Management 101. And you don't have to go the expensive route - the Dollar Tree has plastic baskets that will suffice til you "spring" (sorry!) for the nicer ones.

  2. I need a closet fairy to visit my closets

    1. What a great business idea - Closet Fairies, Inc.!!! Wouldn't that be a wonderful occupation - to get to see other people's clutter?! I love it.

  3. Replies
    1. Yea, most of my closets are actually Witness Protection Areas for the things I never get around to doing or tossing out - they're magnets for my clutter.

  4. I am in the middle of cleaning out my closet and deep cleaning my bedroom.
    Loved all your photos.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks. Anytime I organize one of the closets it makes me feel that I'm at least taking SOME steps toward clutter management.

  5. I haven't even started yet! Some great ideas here.

    1. Tracey, I'm the Queen Mother of All Procrastinators - I blog great ideas but most of the time don't get around to implanting the ideas!! Closets are fairly easy beginning steps for organizing the house. My problem is that I find stuff I thought was lost and get distracted - like finding that book I wanted to read - end of closet project 'til the book is read! Have a great weekend.