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May 12, 2014

Good Monday Morning!  I hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend.

We always kick off the week with a Repurposeful
Monday and today's ingenious ideas are adorable.

An old wire basket, some florist moss and
candles make a romantic illumination.

Is this a precious idea, or what?!

D Journal
Simply glue fabric to a clean can, bend the bowl of vintage

spoon upward then use ribbon to hold them to the can.
Voila, instant centerpiece!

Glass jugs have been popular since, well, forever
and now they're being used as light fixture globes:

Old funnels and pulleys were combined
to make a sassy nautical pendant light:
Home Jelly

Do you have any old thermoses lying around?

Turn 'em into lamps!

I'm convinced that you can turn just
about anything into a clock:
Etsy Source
Old metal baking pans are plentiful at thrift
shops and are still quite inexpensive.

Yup, this is the back of a 15" iMac G4:
Etsy Source
Very cool.

Honestly, in all of the flea markets, thrift shops, and yard sales that
I've shopped I've never seen a used dishwasher utility basket:
If I ever do run across one of these
baskets I'm going to snatch it up.

Well, if I can't find a dishwasher basket I
doubt if I'll ever find a dishwasher rack:
Terrific idea for a sewing accessory.

A vintage camera turned into a night light would
make a great gift for a camera collector:

Don't be so quick to toss out your old rusty grill:
Southern Musings
It would make an excellent potting station for your plants.

Here's another grill that was repurposed for garden use:
A Spotted Pony

The Design File
 Old lockers are so versatile.  Aren't these
great as the base for a kitchen island?

17 Apart
A single locker was turned sideways and mounted
on an industrial base to make additional kitchen
storage space and serving bar.

A new locker was mounted on casters
to make a very chic coffee table.

Casters were also used to turn this
antique steamer trunk into a coffee table:
Marc & Mandy

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I hope some of these repurposing
ideas will inspire you to upcycle some of the items you already have.


  1. Some great ideas there to remember when on the hunt for unusual items.

  2. You must live in the east or south because your flea markets, garage sale always sound so full of great things.
    I live in the west and they sell everything before the move.
    le sigh

  3. These are all amazing ideas, but my favourite is - candles in the hanging basket! So cute! And I also love the old lockers in the kitchen :)

  4. Steal those dishwasher baskets from abandoned appliances at your local recycling yard! Most of the time the staff is happy to let you scavenge them!