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May 22, 2014

The opposite of good is bad; the opposite of more is less;
the opposite of claustrophobia is. . .um. . .well. . . .
Fact: there really isn't an English word that is the opposite of claustrophobia.
You see, I don't fear small spaces.  I love them!
 The Loring house, above, has 251 sq. ft.
Here is its floor plan:

The Harbinger, above, has almost 300 sq. ft.
Believe it or not, the Epu plan, above, only has 89 sq. ft.
but every inch of the tiny house is used efficiently.

Sleeping loft
This tiny house is perfectly situated in the woods:

Information on these first four houses
can be found at Tumblewood Houses
This adorable house actually has a guest
room in addition to the sleeping loft:

I'm thinking, "Ideal guest house!"

Look at these next three photos and imagine
what the exterior of this little house looks like:

Surprised?  It's a chic, modern pre-fab that's
just perfect for small and economical living.
This studio apartment features all of the essentials
for convenient city living in one small bundle:
Who says small can't be sophisticated?

Another modern pre-fab with strategically
placed windows to maximize light.
Look how much character was built
into this small floor plan:
Does this tiny Toronto house remind you of the movie Up?!
How clever to build the house on top of the garage.
Brad Kittel of Tiny Texas Houses built this
little gem with 99% salvaged materials:
Beautiful recycling
When the old Saga Cinema in Ljungbert, Sweden, was
being torn down artist Sven Ljungberg (1913-2010)
purchased this part and converted it into a tiny house:
Built as temporary housing for Hurricane Katrina evacuees,
seven of these small houses were purchased by the Seaside
Institute for their academic village on the Gulf of Mexico:
 The cottages house students and instructors who travel to
Seaside to participate in courses, seminars and workshops
primarily in the areas of the arts, architecture and health.
This little cottage in Brittany, France, was built
over 100 years ago between two huge boulders.
Bet it'll be there for another 100 years!
Most small houses share an element of efficiency.
Great use of under-the-stairs space, isn't it?
I might not be the World's Worst when it comes to clutter but I
definitely can take a lesson on simple living from today's post.
Maybe Less IS More?!


  1. All perfectly charming - 'dinky' is the word I choose. You would certainly have to keep everything tidy that's for sure. Less definitely is more.

    1. My biggest problem with downsizing would be not having enough room for the family pieces we've inherited. Having a tiny get-away cottage would be a fun change of pace but I don't know if I could part with my many collectibles.

  2. Oh, what fun little cottages.

    When we bought our little beach cottage, 832 sq. ft. everyone thought we were crazy. We did add on an art studio for my husband, but we are barely 1,000 sq. ft. now and we love it. We had dinner at a friends house the other night - 4,500 sq. ft. with 3 stories and love the house, but we just don't need that space. The owner is now a widow and she has the house for sale in order to move into the little 500 sq. ft. cottage she owns on our lane. She says she just rattles around the huge house.

    1. We've found that to be true with Miss Money Pitt that we've living in now. Truly, we could live in a house less than half this size. We also have a small beach condo (less than 700 sq.ft.) which we enjoy when we're at the beach and don't miss the extra square footage. It's almost a release to not be tied down to a house that takes a full day each week to clean.

  3. The Harbinger is my favorite. I guess because I love the yellow and red. I don't mind my small space either except when I want to add another piece that I love and already have what I love. I'd like to have a beach house with just a few sq ft.

    1. We have friends who downsized into a smaller house and they agree that if anything new comes in that something has to go out. It's a hard choice at times but also a relief to know that they're surrounded by the few pieces they truly love. You definitely can't be a hoarder in a small house!

  4. I love these houses. I love the first one. I now understand what my daughter means when she says that small houses are quaint and adorable.

    1. They really did pack in a lot of character into such a small house, didn't they? I agree - #1 is my favorite, too.

  5. I gravitate to living light and would prefer a small house. Unfortunately the hubs likes clutter and space for more clutter. I will never cure him of it so must create serene, absolutely no clutter if you know what's good for you, sections.