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September 17, 2013

What is your favorite type of booth at a flea market?   My weakness is a small,
table mounted display case of vintage and antique jewelry.  I wonder how these
once-treasured items came to be for sale and the story behind each lovely piece.  

What is your impression of this beautiful sapphire and diamond ring?
The case is extremely interesting and the ring is quite old.  The stones
are flawed, the band is thin.  What do you think this ring is worth?

The ring is almost priceless.  You see, it's the engagement ring that
Napoleon gave to Josephine in 1796.  With commission included it
sold for $1.17 million dollars at auction last Spring.  Almost priceless.

The antique sapphire and diamond ring, below,
is an example of the value of history:
You can purchase this charming little bauble today for $435.  What is its story?
We don't know.  Is it the promise ring that Franklin Roosevelt gave to Eleanor?
Probably not.  Could it be a keepsake of Mary Todd Lincoln?  Doubtful.

Maybe my weakness is not for the actual jewel but the mystery behind the jewel.

And who doesn't love a good mystery?


  1. Hi Jan! I am such a sucker for jewelry. Yes, the story would be amazing. But I just like the sparkle! Sapphire is my birthstone, so I'd be saying "bring it on."

    It is fun to think about where things come from though. I think that way about old houses too. If they could talk... I bet you wish the jewelry could talk too :)

  2. I love a good mystery. And I love sapphires and diamonds too!