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September 25, 2013

We know that Life is all about balance.

Today let's take a look at the balance
between Style and Safety.

Described as "coral spikes, cast in brass, mounted to the wall to create
a jewelry-like wallcovering" (not hairs sprouting out of the wall at about
1,000 microscopic magnification), this 'art' is simply primeval.  Do you
really want brass spikes sticking out of your wall?

Where do I start?  You know I am ALL about repurposing.
But how safe are all those books stuck to the wall, not to
mention a heavy wooden carved moose head?

Sculptural (and Slightly Scary!) Small Space Steel Staircase by Francesco Librizzi
Italian architect Francedsco Librizzi designed a contemporary ladder/portable
staircase for hard-to-access areas.  I have to wonder if the photo is blurred
because the model is falling down the 'stairs'.

Aren't there building codes that require designers
to protect their clients?  This is an accident waiting
to happen.  But, a really stylish accident.

This staircase (I use the term very loosely)
reminds me of those swinging rope bridges suspended
over raging rivers in the jungle.

No, these are not Jenga blocks.  It's a
very steep staircase built inside a closet.

This modern spiral staircase looks sleek, sophisticated, and slippery:

The treads are actually glass panels that reveal cedar shavings
repurposed to fill the steps in place of solid wood.  Is glass really
a safe material to use as stair treads?

Be careful - that first step is a doozy.

Designer Helena Magnusson created this rather unusual barbed wire chandelier.
Beautiful but prickly.  Make sure you've had an updated Tetanus shot before
trying to hang one of these in your home.

A hovering orb fire pit is The Focus Company's
modern interpretation of the traditional fireplace.
Do you really want a baby crawling under a hovering fire pit?

Just looking at the pointed edges of this
beautiful glass top table makes me shudder.

Unique Room Dividers
Book cases make great room dividers ONLY if they're
anchored to the wall, the ceiling, or the floor.  Check
the stability of a bookcase if you plan to use it as a divider.

via Signed By Tina
This antique Chinese-influenced book case is extra sturdy because it's
double-sided and the bottom shelves are larger than the top shelves.
Safe AND Stylish!


  1. Loved your comments!! Very scary design!!

  2. I agree that style sometimes has no regard for safety. The people that want this style have made the choice to put style above safety. Let's just hope they have great insurance. I'm sure the resale value is not good especially with some of those staircases, right? To each his own . . . it keeps life interesting :)

  3. No spikes or barbed wire accessories for me please. :-)

  4. I felt my fear of heights kicking in on some of those photos.

  5. The one with the wooden moose head and books actually made me laugh, I found this image comical! Besides that, one stray spark from fireplace and the whole wall would be on fire (not comical).