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September 26, 2013

Do you know many whimsical people?  The few that I know have
a fun sense of decorating and don't take themselves too serious.  

Who says a garden shed can't be a feminine retreat?

The Best Wallpaper Place
By simply adding glitter to a gallon of white paint
you can make any room sparkly and extra special.

Crush Cul-de-Sac
You have to smile when you first see these
serious-faced paper-mache Indian busts.  


Why not adopt ancestors?  Portraits of strangers can make interesting,
colorful art and you'll often find them at thrift shops and flea markets.

Ray and Patricia Hamm of Plano, Texas, have incorporated their
fun sense of collecting into a home that's bright and, yes, whimsical:

 I love the huge clock hands on the pink front door!

Marbles, dice, scrabble tiles and doll furniture

 An antique iron bed, a vintage sand shovel collection,
and modern window treatments?  It works!

A tiny hall closet was too small for much practical use so Ray removed
the door and made it a display area for vintage suitcases and purses. 

 Patricia is an avid fan of vintage Fiesta ware
and designed her kitchen around her collection.

Maybe we could take a lesson from the Hamms and 'whimsy up' our own surroundings.  It sure looks like a lot of fun, doesn't it?


  1. LOVE the Hamms whimsical style! What fun!!!!! xo Diana

    1. We all consider comfort and style when decorating but probably not many of us think of our surroundings as fun. Their personalities certainly shine through.

  2. Oh, I love this quirky style - the cottage is just darling! I love the unusual collections and the great idea with the vintage suitcases and the purses. You can really see the fun personalities of the owners. xo

  3. I am going to have to do something with glitter and paint in my daughter's room, what a fab idea! Love the suitcase collection. Wonderful set of pictures!

  4. whimsy is my all time favorite personality trait!

  5. Jan, this post was so much fun . . . it makes me want to start all over and decorate in a more fun filled style :)