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September 30, 2013

WARNING:  If you're not into romance you might want to skip today's post!

I've got THE sweetest repurposing ideas to kick off our Monday.

Vintage glassware stacked on old romance novels were used as the
centerpieces for a charming wedding reception!  This idea can be used
for an engagement party, wedding reception, Valentine's Day dinner,
or an anniversary celebration.  

The clever designers at Vintage Origami
created a business that provides romance
for a price.  It's brilliant!

Their 'love props' are available for rental
to those DIYers on a budget who want something exceptional for their special day.

Notice the vintage keys threaded with ribbon?
It must mean, "you're the key to my happiness!"

More charming centerpieces

Even old wooden spools of thread can be put to work.  

This reception featured a Tea Station where various flavors of
tea was served in antique and vintage tea cups and saucers:

Vintage Origami's props are customized for each couple's individual interests:
 Maybe an anniversary trip to the mountains?

 An outdoor wedding/reception setting for the
adventurous, mountain climbing young pair?

How about a retirement party with vintage accessories?
Isn't the cake darling, standing in an old typewriter case?

How about an anniversary party that reflects
back on the couple's many travels and trips?

At one couple's anniversary party black and white vintage photos
of family members were displayed on an antique dresser.

Sitting and registration stations can be positioned for guests'
comfort and help keep those early arrivals entertained: 

Even an outdoor Winter wedding can be 'propped
up' with lovely antique and vintage pieces.

Instead of the traditional wedding cake table, this bride chose to use a
beautiful desk and tarnished silver plated candle sticks and cake plates.

Paper roses were made from a vintage romance novel.

Instead of a traditional cake stand, appetizers
and cupcakes were served off of vintage scales.

Origami flowers and stars were created from paper
printed with the couple's favorite love songs:

And guests' favors were wrapped in origami stars
made from the same love song printed paper.

Fish and Lots
Fish and Lots can turn copies of old love letters into origami lotus
flowers.  This idea is so sweet that it brings tears to my eyes.

You're right - I should have featured this post back in the Spring when so many young couples were planning their weddings.  But keep it in mind for friends and family members who might have a special event planned where antiques and vintage items can be used in place of traditional decor.


  1. Love these! The books are such a wonderful and creative idea. Theyr'e making me swoon just looking at them! And I'm alwasy a sucker for trunks!

  2. A little bit of romance is good on a Monday! Lovely post.

  3. These are so precious! My son and his sweetheart are getting married next August. I will definitely pass this along! I love the teacup station and the centerpieces with the old romance novels. So sweet! xo

  4. I can't even pick a favorite because I love so many of these ideas!