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September 9, 2013

Monday's Repurposing Riddles

Riddle #1Guess where this darling, petite apartment is located:

Here's a clue:

That's right - the photos are of a repurposed caboose!
A very smart developer came up with the idea to turn old cabooses into
'tail gate train apartments' for the University of South Carolina alumni.
With train tracks located just off campus and close to the Williams-Brice
Stadium, fans can hang out before the game in comfort and style.

Riddle #2 - Obviously, the home below is housed in
a commercial building.  But what type of building?

Believe it or not, this contemporary treasure is
the interior of a formerly abandoned gas station.

The owners have the perfect home for their
fascination with gas station memorabilia.

Back to the real world - repurposing ideas that everyone can use:

This photo is of a bedroom in the converted gas station above.
The owners are using a tool chest in place of a traditional chest. 

Silver plated serving trays are becoming harder to find at thrift
shops.  Most of them end up in antique booths or at flea markets.
Chalk paint turned this one into a charming message board.

DIY Network
Here's another clever idea for creating a message board and key holder.

Apparently, I have message boards on the
brain today!  Isn't this shutter a cute idea?

One of the great things about turning a vintage suitcase
into a pet bed is that by removing the top of the case
you can make two beds.

Ever run across a chair that was just too damaged to salvage?  

These chairbacks were converted to key holders.

Traditional entertainment cabinets can't house the new, larger
televisions.  So put the cabinet to work in the mud room or foyer.

Need more closet space in a nursery?  Remove the top
drawers from a chest of drawers and convert that area
into clothes hanging space.  Darling!

Another ingenious parent turned a china
cabinet into a clothes press for the nursery.

We've seen some beautiful dressers turned into kitchen
islands by adding sinks to them but this one was left in its
original state and later can be used elsewhere.

What a lovely image with which to end today's post.  Have a great Monday!


  1. Those are ALL great ideas, Jan. Loved that nursery piece made from the china cabinet. Fun post! xo Diana

  2. I guessed the first one right. Brill ideas from you as always ... !