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September 19, 2013

Let's do something Wild and Crazy like view Before & After
projects on a Thursday.  Yes, we do live dangerously, don't we?

Before                                                         After
Newer furniture pieces can lack a sense of individuality.
This high boy was sanded, painted and the pulls were replaced
with knotted rope - perfect for a room with a nautical theme.

Paint can certainly bring out the intricate details of a piece:
Before                                                 After

From sad to sassy, this dresser was given an extended useful life:

Before                                               After

With televisions getting bigger and bigger, we all face the
dilemma of where to mount the TV.  How 'bout this great idea?

Before                                                        After

It's hard to look at the 'after' and not marvel that
this blue treasure was picked up at a yard sale.

Note to self:  always look for distressed pieces at yard sales!

It's so easy to get overwhelmed by a room that needs
a makeover and we often forget to keep it simple:

Before                                                                 After

Believe it or not, this room was transformed for only $150!  Visit
the talented folks at Vintage Revivals to see how they did it.

Decorating a small room is definitely a challenge:

This project is proof that you can pack a big punch in a small bedroom.

Large spaces are wonderful but it's also hard to keep them warm and inviting:

Before                                                        After
Stunning, isn't it?

I'll be brief:  Wow!

Such a lovely and elegant transformation.

The pantry is the 'work horse' of a kitchen and often
gets overlooked when it comes to decorating:

Before                                          After
Great job!

Thanks so much for stopping in today but be sure and come back tomorrow.
have something special to celebrate here at fleaChic and I want you
to be a part of it!

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