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September 23, 2013

Good Monday Morning.  Did you have a productive weekend?
Good - me, too!  Here are some of the terrific repurposing ideas
that I found to share with you:

How cute are these vintage key necklaces?  And the best
part - the keys are simply painted with finger nail polish.

The ornate frame, below, really compliments the spray painted keys:
Mod Podge Rocks

I've seen door mounted shoe holders used for a
lot of things but this is one of the best ideas, yet.

Gym lockers are great for organization and
storage but they can look very stylish, too.

With Fall officially here it's time to pick up the
dead twigs and tree branches for Winter crafts.

Repurpose a guest room closet into
your own personal Creation Station.

Do you have an old globe you're not using?
Turn it into a disco ball.

It's fun to turn a glass jar into a holiday luminary with this easy tutorial.

Guess the mystery ingredient used to
make this unique coffee table/ottoman:
About Goodness
The legs are repurposed wooden candle holders.
Seriously, make your own coffee table with
these simple step-by-step instructions.

How adorable is this vintage suitcase table?

Here's another clever idea from Mamie Jane's
on repurposing an old piece of luggage:
Click here for the suitcase clock instructions.

The unending uses for little canning
jars never cease to amaze me: 
Please Note
This mini-sewing kit is a great gift idea.

T-shirts are the most popular souvenirs that most of us pick up
while on vacation.  But what can you do with all of those t-shirts?
Stars for Street Lights
Make a Memory Quilt out of them.  Visit Stars for Street Lights
for the tutorial on this ingenious project.  These coverlets make
wonderful use of your teens' sports t-shirts, too.

Not ready to take on a quilt, yet?  Here's an
alternative idea for repurposing t-shirts:
DIY Happiness
Cut the tees into thin strips that can used as crochet
yarn.  Your teens can help with this project.

And speaking of teens . . . . . . 
Blue Velvet Chair
It can be very challenging to find decorating ideas that don't offend their
sensibilities.  These old skateboards make awesome shelves, don't they?

Who doesn't have a box of miscellaneous computer parts in the back of a closet?

A Law Student's Journey
And most of those boxes contain at least one old keyboard.  Pick
up small magnets at the Dollar Tree, pull the letters off the keyboard,
glue the magnets to the back of them and, viola, instant refrigerator magnets.

Know what was used to make these darling necklaces?

Knuckle Salad
Doll house accessories.  Why didn't I think of that?!

Cook, Love, Crafts
Why do we keep old watches that don't work?
Maybe it's to make our own custom jewelry!

Elisa McLaughlin
Oxidized pennies are beautiful in their own unique way.  Sort
through your jar of change then arrange the pennies from brand
new to aged patina for a charming work of art for less than $1.

See, I was busy this weekend! 


  1. Replies
    1. I especially like the doll house jewelry. Who knew that miniature pieces could make such darling jewelry?

  2. You come up with some of the best decorating ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's like a treasure hunt - so many inspirational nuggets out there to unearth!