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September 6, 2013

It's FRIDAY all day long!
Are you in the mood to view some Before & After projects?

I featured this renovation two years ago but
I go back to it occasionally for inspiration:
It looks like a completely different house now, doesn't it?
If you've considered creating a playroom in your house, check this out:
 I cringed when I saw that they had painted the
hardwood floors but, in this case, it looks great.
Do you ever feel overwhelmed with toys?
The 'after' is definitely more adult-friendly.
 Many of us might have walked past this
headboard without realizing it's potential:
Here is a chest of drawers re-do that will definitely
have you looking differently at old furniture:
These new drawer pulls complete the look, don't they?
I just discovered The Money Pit blog and it's amazing.  This
darling nursery re-do is one of many featured on the site:

Be sure and stop by and take a look at Kim's
other imaginative and inspiring projects.

What can you say about this bathroom makeover except, "Great job!"

Sanding and staining a deck is such hard work but the results are SO worth it:

Isn't this an incredible kitchen after the ceiling tiles were removed?
  Before                                                           After

Now, prepare yourself to go from ordinary to extraordinary:
 I know!  It's hard to believe it's the same room, isn't it?

Speaking of things that are hard to believe, let's talk
about Scott McGillivray, star of the HGTV hit show Income Property.  Is he unbelievably cute or what?!
Each week on his show Scott convinces stressed out
homeowners how they can convert portions of their home (usually the basement) into income producing property.
Here are just a few of his many successful  transformations:
  Before                                                                       After

   Before                                                                       After

   Before                                                                       After

Of course, I've saved the best for last:
   Before                                                                     After

Basements often get a 'bum deal' when it comes to decorating.
It's nice to see the possibilities buried just beneath the surface.
I hope you were inspired by today's post.  Have a great weekend.


  1. I love before and afters. These were fun to view.

    1. B&A projects are, hands down, my favorite posts to create. They're so inspiring. I never cease to be amazed at the human spirit's indominable desire to be creative and improve their surroundings. Have a great weekend! -- Jan

  2. You wonder what possessed them in some of the befores, lol. What were they thinking with those ceiling tiles? The after is fantastic. Lots of impressive results in this post.

    1. With all of the hours I spend researching B&A projects you'd think my house would be a palace of improvements - hahahahahahaha! My husband just looks at the photos, shakes his head and walks off. At least I can live (home improvement wise) vicariously through others. -- Jan

  3. Hi Jan! That playroom is AWESOME! If I was a kid, I'd never come out of there. Wow, where is this magic house?

    The deck is amazing too. Although I do prefer the dark wood color better.


    1. We just went through the tedious, messy process of stripping and sanding our deck and it was a major decision on whether to stain or paint. We settled on stain and went with a medium dark to compliment the brick. I love the playroom, too. The kids will look back at those pictures and say, "My parents were awesome!" -- Jan

  4. Great transformations today, Jan! Lots of hard work, but so inspiring. Guess what I am doing next week? Staining the deck. Love that last redo of the old fireplace. Amazing! And the headboard - love that! Hope your weekend is lovely. xo

    1. Thanks, Karen, and good luck with the deck. It's a messy job but the results will be worth it. -- Jan

  5. Jan, Those are AMAZING makeovers. I NEVER tire of seeing before and after pictures. I find them so inspiring- xo Diana

    1. Me, too. The imagination of others is fascinating and many of the projects involve more elbow grease than money. Have a great weekend! -- Jan

  6. Hi Jan, great make-overs . . . I love looking at before and afters, they are so inspiring. The only one that I did not like in this post was the bathroom. I would never remove a claw-foot tub for a ordinary hum-drum one. The bathroom did need a make-over but I think they could have done it so much better and left the tub. Just my opinion, I don't live there.