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March 12, 2013

Why do some of us (me) come up with unusual
  (ridiculous) decorating ideas during the Winter?  

     Maybe it's the cozy (claustrophobic) warmth of
     being inside; maybe it's the short (endless) days;
     maybe it's the anticipation (longing) of Spring.

     It's called Cabin Fever and here are a few signs
     that you might be afflicted:

1.  You think that mice stencils would be hilarious on your stairs.

2.  You come up with a clever craft project for the bathroom.

3.  You think that you might be ready for a lifestyle
change that involves minimalism and modernism.  
A 313 sq.ft. dwelling designed by the

4.  You're contemplating a contemporary
sculpture to enhance your living room.

5.  You paint your vintage crates white and use
them to built a bookcase you designed yourself.

6.  You feel that you should take up upholstering.

7.  You decide to have your cat's portrait painted.

8.  You get a little carried away with sign painting.

9.  You're reconsidering the European Bohemian look.
The Selby

And the classic, most painful symptom of cabin fever -

10.  After watching endless Duck Dynasty
 reruns your
husband has almost talked you into a camouflage recliner.

Don't panic!  Spring is less than 10 days away!


  1. Eeeckkk!!! So glad I don't have cabin fever! Although it has been snowing these last two days down in the south of England. Just as we thought Spring was finally on her way....thanks for sharing these quirky images! Sharon

  2. Tee Hee - great post! Roll on Spring...
    Have a lovely week,

  3. hilarious.....the toilet rolls are a classic!
    Bec x

  4. Oh, I am giggling at my desk! Too funny -- and what great images you've collected here!

  5. So funny...thanks for sharing! They maybe onto something with the loo seat!

  6. oh yes! i think its time for spring!!
    enjoy your evening!

  7. What a fun post! I am counting those 10 days, believe me...

  8. What a funny post. I'm sitting grinning at your images. Roll on spring indeed! x

  9. I love the mice but I hope spring gets there soon! I would hate to see you ummm, do all of the above. HA, what a cute and funny post.


  10. Jan-What a fun post. Lots of cute (and crazy) ideas here- xo Diana