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March 5, 2013

Repurposing - when old is new again!

Sun burst mirrors are so popular.  How
cute is this one made from yard sticks?

Here's another use of old yard sticks on a staircase:

And one of these little stools has a new yard stick seat covering:

Vintage Mellie

We've seen a lot of different uses for old doors and this
one turned into a coffee table is one of my favorites.

Can you imagine how many weathered old doors went to the
landfill before someone got the brilliant idea of repurposing them?
Clutter & Chaos

A bird cage turned into a chandelier
adds to the sophistication of this bedroom:

If you run across the base of an old sewing
machine, consider turning it into a desk:

Look to the school house for vintage decorating accessories.  The
drop down world map and the periodic table are charming as art.
                Daily Dose of Stuff                                                                                                                  Design Sponge

Are you looking for unique, one-of-a-kind cabinet hardware for
your kitchen?  How 'bout these forks shaped into door pulls?

Love this idea of using books as book shelves.

Another clever use for an old ladder:


Speaking of books, how about using
some to make a lamp base?
Sewani Rasheed

 Ingenious designers don't limit their creations to small
ideas - they're not afraid to repurpose a bus or a car: 

Maybe a trip to the junk yard is in order.
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Jan-What fun things here today. One of the things that caught my eye as very doable is the bird cage chandy! xo Diana

  2. I recently made my grandma a sunburst mirror out of wood shims! I've loved the old sewing machine bases for some time now and would love to transform one! So many fun ideas here!