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March 20, 2013

How can we not be inspired by clever repurposing ideas?

We've all seen jillions of discarded clunky entertainment
centers lounging around thrift shops just waiting to be
adopted.  This one found a creative home:

The Vintage Bag Lady
Love the 'refrigerator' side panel, don't you?!

Speaking of thrift stores, the next time you're in one,
look at the old tvs with a new purpose in mind:

Yes, this aquarium is a 'retired' U.S. Air Force jet fighter's missile!  

Over 200 commercial and military aircraft are taken out of service
and dismantled every year.  MotoArt converts parts from these
planes into unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture.

On a less high-tech note, how cute is this
old gas can that's at home in the garden?

We're always looking for more craft supply storage.  These
cd cases are perfect for holding spools of lace and trim:

It's time to start thinking of planting seedlings
for Spring.  Egg cartons work great: 
Dress up your closet with some fancy molding shoe racks.

Old crib rails make great magazine holders.

And this crib has a new function now that the toddler is in a 'big boy' bed!
Brigadeirow de Colher

What a great addition to the laundry - the ladder is
perfect for hanging clothes that need to be air dried.

This cute idea gives a whole new meaning to canning:
Dish drainers are a common find in most thrift shops
and they're ideal for holding files, pens, and pencils.

Vintage desk drawers make beautiful shadow boxes
and picture frames when mounted on the wall:

Think outside the box when it comes
to repurposing old wood drawers:

What a charming, rustic wine glass holder:

 Remember the collapsible wine racks from the 70's?  If you
find one at a yard sale turn it into a bathroom towel holder:

A vintage, metal ceiling tile makes
a beautiful magnetic note holder:

Yard sticks have so many uses other than measuring:
In Ivy and In Twine
Such simple ideas can have a powerful impact.
This card holder says, 'My owner is creative
and resourceful!'

 Turn a yard stick and clothes pins into a horizontal message board:

And, lastly, here's an ingenious way to
cover a scratched or scarred desk top:

As with all of my posts on repurposing, I hope these fabulous photos
inspire you to think of other way to upcycle every day items in your home.

And, on to really important stuff - 

SPRING  IS  HERE !!!!!!!

Sing it from the rooftops - Hallelujah, Spring is here!

The skies are bluer, the air is cleaner, the sun is brighter . . . . 

and tea cups are budding out on the Dogwoods!

 We made it through Winter and I'm writing
in a flowery fog of pretty pastels.

Absolutely LOVE the framed vintage cocktail dress!

I'm going to do nothing today but smile, smile smile!  It's Spring!


  1. Those lovely images of blooms and pastels have cheered me right up, it's quite the opposite of Spring in Ireland at the moment!

  2. Thank you for sharing all this loveliness with us! Catherine

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my Gas Can (succulents)

    Happy Spring to ya!