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March 27, 2013

It's been over a week since I've  posted repurposing
ideas.  I'll take care of that right now!

Do you have board games but have lost most of the playing
pieces?  Turn the play board into a unique treasure box or gift box.
If you crochet or knit and have a kitten or puppy who likes to
play with the yarn, this ingenious idea is perfect for you.
What a charming use of scrabble tiles and a great gift idea, too. 
How precious are these Easter-inspired little
bird nests?!  Click here for the pictorial tutorial. 

Here's another darling use of spools - customized
wax sealers and ink stampers:

Click here here for the step-by-step tutorial.
Artist Lee Wismer takes rock painting to new heights
with her imaginative creations.  Glue a magnet to the back
and you've got instant refrigerator door organization! 
Books might not grow on trees but these limbs
are a clever, organic way to display them.
I love this idea of mounting a vintage typewriter
on the wall and using it as a book shelf, don't you?
 Unused tackle boxes are great for starting plants and herbs.
Old monitors are ideal for converting into kitty condos.
When baby outgrows the crib, think
about turning it into an activity center.
Babies outgrow their changing tables pretty quickly.
Here is a great idea for repurposing one into a bar: 
                                  Before                                       After
 But bars certainly aren't the only uses for a changing table.
Once they're equipped with caster wheels, the possibilities are
endless - a mobile island for the kitchen, a gardening center
for the back yard, or even a portable craft station.
Hope you're inspired by these repurposing
ideas and are having a great Wednesday!


  1. I love these ideas! So much imagination . . . Anytime that you can turn some old something around and create an energetic new and highly interesting piece with it . . . I say Bravo!!!
    These are the things that make some people's homes remarkable, while others are cookie cutter safe and boring :)
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    I will store these in my memory bank for future uses.
    Have a creative day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. Oooh I love the Monopoly box! It was my favourite childhood game :)

  3. What fun and cute ideas. Love the Monopoly box and that typewriter shelf- Great ideas- xo Diana

  4. These are very creative! Love the spool Easter decorations and the changing table bar! <3 xx Karen

  5. A lot of fantastic ideas there I must admit!
    I have never seen the typewriter one, using it as a bookshelf, I really like it!
    Have a Happy Easter!

  6. Dear Sarajan

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I also run NEEDFUL BOOKS on Google Plus (communities)

    I'm going to leave a link to your blog over at Needful Books so that the members have a chance to see the photos of how to display books (typewriter and branches).

    I absolutely love your blog and the repurposing ideas are wonderful, I particulary like the wool in the teapot and think that would also make a great string dispenser and ribbon dispenser. I'm going to use this in my craft room.

    I'll stay a bit longer and have a good look around at your other posts.

    Look forward to reading and seeing more of your posts:)

  7. Oh my goodness, such wonderful ideas and those branch shelves - I have to have some of them.