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March 14, 2013


Oh, the deep, deep mysteries of life - 

     Why do rotten kids grow up and have great children?
     Why do mean women often have nice husbands and big diamonds?
     Why go to a chain furniture store and buy a room full of furniture 'to go'?

Why would you buy this:

when this is so beautiful?

Why would you buy this:

when this is so charming?

Why spend $1,325.00 on this bar:

when this bar is so much more interesting?

Why spend almost $3,000 for this ensemble?

when you can purchase this pair of original mid-century
modern Falcon chairs by Sigurd Resel for $1,500?

Why not 'pair' them with this vintage blue velvet sofa for less than $900?

or possibly this mid-century beauty?

Why spend $200 for this pleasant print?

when you can own this original vintage canvas educational chart for only $45?

Even less impactful exterior purchases can reflect your personality.

Why would you buy this bright, shiny new mailbox:

when you can have a mailbox with a rusty character?

or these that are so much more organic?

The next time you're considering a new acquisition for your home,
check out Craigslist, your local thrift store or a flea market. 

Style isn't defined by a monetary amount or the source
of your treasures.  It's about timeless, wise choices.


  1. we are two peas in a pod! will you speak to my husband? he has a not so good thing for the shabby and causes me lots of sneaking stuff in on the poor thing

    1. Ha! I've done the same thing with my husband but, after 25 years of marriage, he's come to realize that older is better. Most of the furniture manufactured today is not of the high quality of pieces from the past. Occasionally, though, I have to sneak some things in the house and later say, "What? This old thing? We've had it for years!" -- Jan

  2. Very good questions- and very, very, very lovely pictures!! ;oD I love all this old, charming stuff!!
    Kind greetings from switzerland,

  3. Kindred spirits! I love the individual "vintage" look. I spent a while looking at other houses a couple of years ago when we wanted to move and was faced with the same furniture, the same kitchen work surfaces, the same decking etc etc. No individuality at all. I love getting a one off piece from a second hand shop and giving it a new lease of life. Just perfect. Take care. Chel

  4. I love your pictures of the shabby chic things, especially the kitchen table with the wooden bench. My French neighbours kitchen has a beautifully worn table & a bench, oh how I'd love to give her kitchen a coat of paint & re arrange all the things she has in her kitchen, which all lovers of vintage French items would love to have in their kitchen. (She's 92 yrs old) and probably when she's passed on her family will just throw it on a dump heap. The young French now want everything modern. You would be in your element.

    1. Barbara, when her children head to the dump with her treasures, I'd be right behind them in a pickup truck if I were you! I, too, have family members who insist on shiny and new instead of faded and character-filled. Sigh. No accounting for taste, is there? -- Jan

  5. Why indeed!! Give me the second hand things everytime...ooops well.....I do have billy bookcases...but they are filled with lots of second hand treasures! Fab photos! ;) Karen x

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  7. Absolutely! Great post. I love vintage pieces and would rather not have a complete set of matching furniture.
    Thanks for following along at Hyacinths for the Soul. Nice to meet you! I'm now following your too. ~ Sarah

  8. Great post, Jan. You have found some wonderful pieces and make overs there. I hope you have a wonderful Friday- xo Diana