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March 18, 2013

Crate Expectations!

Be it ever so humble, there are few decorating
accessories as versatile as an old wood crate.

If a bare crate is a little too primitive for you - line it with burlap:
    Before                                                                        After
Home Frosting

Hos Marte

The Upcycling

Style Me Pretty

Michele Brown

Tammy VonderHeide

Dishfunctional Designs

Home DIT

Regardless of your style, a rustic crate will add interest to any setting.


  1. love it all....great ideas there for our newly built room under the house.
    on the lookout for old crates now!
    Bec x

  2. As a country person I love all old crates! Wonderful images here!!! Very creative!

  3. Great ideas!! Now where did I put that old crate? V

  4. I have always loved old crates- I have several of them out in my gardening/potting area. When we were first married in the 70's it was oh-so-cool to have them turned this way and that-stacked- and used as book shelves and display areas. Fun to see that it is still being done sometimes- xo Diana

  5. Love all the ideas!! My favorite would be the coffee table and the shelf. Wow! Thanks for all the cool ideas!

  6. Love these 'crate' ideas! Love the crate on the sewing machine base and the stacked crate wall unit. Good inspirations! xx