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March 4, 2013

Frankly, I lolly-gagged all weekend and need some inspiration to get started this
Monday morning.  

And you know that the best way to get
motivated is by viewing Before and After projects, don't you?  (Caffeine and then
Before & After projects!)


It took a sharp eye to spot the potential in the desk below.
Love the contrast between the stain and the paint, don't you? 

   Before:                                                                            After:

Converting a dresser into an entertainment center
is  a great idea - so economical, so fleaChic!

Spray painting the original pulls black was
extremely cost-saving and looks expensive.

Another thrift store dresser was lovingly given a makeover and a new purpose:

  Before:                                                                            After:
                                                       Shabby Love Furniture

Painting this little end table silver then covering the
drawer face with a mirror completely transformed it.
                           Before:                                                       After:

A similar small table was simply painted but the results are striking:
              Before:                                                                              After:
Serendipity Refined

This next makeover is almost unbelievable:
                         Before:                                                   After:
Amazing, isn't it?  I love the idea of converting the family room
into a dining room especially when there's a fireplace involved.

Speaking of fireplaces, do you have one that needs a little updating?

Savannah of Classy Clutter ingeniously white washed her fireplace
and completely changed its appearance:

Click here for the step-by-step tutorial of this exceptional project.

Inexpensive thrift store chairs can be made into
wonderful accent pieces with a little paint and fabric.
                  Before:                                                          After:
Transformations by Jacqueline

The addition of the drawer takes this re-do to the next level.
What a sweet seat for a special little one to draw and color.

Do you have a young family member living in a college dorm?  It's hard to
bring color and style to a generic studio-sized apartment but this idea is darling:


The kitchen, below, went from ordinary to extraordinary:

Better After
Wow.  Simply Wow.

What's so inspiring about this next project is that the owners
started with a realistic, desperate-for-a-makeover bedroom . . . . 
Vintage Revivals
. . . . and ended with results that are completely professional.  Stunning.

Lastly, the coveted (and fictitious) Most Economical Before & After Award
goes to Karen of The Weekend Country Girl.  How much cheaper is $0.00?
'Cause that's what Karen paid for the dresser, below, that she found on the 
side of the road.  I love free.


 The Weekend Country Girl
I know!  Awesome, isn't it?

Well, the caffeine has kicked in and the photos
were inspiring so I guess it's time to get kicking.
Have a great day!

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