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March 17, 2013

Whether or not you're Irish, St. Patrick's Day is a delightfully green celebration!


Oh, there it is - at the bottom of the panel.

Years ago I worked in a clinic where one of the patients had the last name of Shamrock.  That person was delightful, self-deprecating, and a joy to be around.  Never does a March 17th pass that I don't think of their happy spirit.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, ya'll!


  1. What a lovely green tribute to the day. I love it. Isn't it amazing how you remember some people and it automatically brings a smile to your face? xo Diana

  2. Love those green shelves in the old fashioned kitchen. Happy St. Pat's to you.xoxo,Susie

  3. Goegeously beautifully presented post . . . I will be back to visit you more . . . thank you for your recent follow of me.

  4. It's such a refreshing colour! Happy St Paddy's day :)

  5. LOve your blog! thanks for following mine.. Im now a follower of yours as well!
    happy st pattys day!

  6. Beautiful green inspiration that green barn!!!!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

  7. Thanks for all of the green! You got it right--enough green, but not ALL green! And all for my birthday! Lovely posts from a lovely lady!--N

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower, I'm your newest one now! Loved going thur your posts, I'll be adding you to my sidebar!


  9. Hi Jan. I just realized that you have been following me for some time. Some how I overlooked it so now I'm making it right. I couldn't get on to thank you for your kind comments to me, but finally figured it out. This technical stuff!!! I love all your green pieces especially that little kitchen from BHG. So cute. I'm anxious to peek into what has been going on in the past..Happy Weekend..Judy