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March 13, 2013

Excuse me, did someone say they wanted to see some repurposing today?   Done!

I've seen vintage chicken crates used as
coffee tables but this idea is darling, too.

A painted chandelier used as a bird feeder - so tweet!

The base of an antique Singer sewing machine supports
garden work station made from reclaimed wood.

Julie Lakes
Another clever indoor use of an antique sewing machine base.

These cute tables were made from vintage
suitcases with legs purchased at Lowes.

This vintage suitcase makes a unique
liquor cabinet, doesn't it?
Deb Holien

I truly don't believe that I've ever browsed a thrift shop that
didn't have a few pieces of affordable silver plate.
Great for gardens or for lamps.

Isn't this an ingenious repurposing idea?  My boys
would certainly appreciate a pair of these chairs.
The DIY Village

Maura Walsh
This feeding station was created from an old kitchen cabinet.

Inge Falappino
Turn your favorite piece of music into unique artwork.
A great wedding gift idea - take the couple's wedding
music to a copy center and have it enlarged for framing.

Mende Leieb
Oh, my - this is a first!

Keely Tate

Vintage step ladders are charming little accent
pieces whether painted or left au natural.

Brigadeirow de Colher

Seriously?  Is there anything that can't be turned into a clock?!

Country Living
Thrift shops and flea markets are great sources for old trophies.
Affix trophy figurines to wine bottle stoppers - terrific party decor.

These vintage brass scales make organization much easier.

Cozy Old Farmhouse
Love the vintage saw pan rack and the ice block
tongs being used as a paper towel dispenser.

Curated Style
Though a little rusty, these industrial
bins are at home in an elegant setting.

Mount a little one's first cap and mittens in a shadow
box when Winter is over - what an adorable keepsake!


  1. So many great favorite is using the base of the sewing machine to hold a basin.

  2. Fantastic ideas! Hard to choose a favourite :)

  3. Brilliant ideas, so many! I love the bird feeder chandelier, that will be a great one to do and I will look out for one for this purpose! The dog feeders and the Jack Daniels ideas...fantastic!! Thanks for sharing these. Chel x

  4. Oh wow! I love the dog dishes in the chairs, the Jack Daniels soap dispenser and the old phone clocks! Neato!!! Great blog! I am your newest follower. I can't wait to see more cool finds like these for inspiration :)

    Have a good day!

  5. Love the chandelier and the antique silver plant pot. The singer bases were great, too. Loved them all actually. xx

  6. Oh, so many great ideas.!!!
    Have a nice day

  7. Wow these are all such great ideas!!! I think if I had to pick a favorite it would be the antique sewing machine into a sink...Love it!!! This makes me wonder what old things do I have around the house that I could create something different out of it...
    Have a great week!