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March 8, 2013

Apparently I'm very close to obsessing about weathered,
reclaimed wood.  All things considered, it's a lovely obsession . . . . .

Daisy Pink Cupcake
Ceiling medallions were stained and mounted
on vintage wood to make a unique art project.

Apartment Therapy

Home Improvement Pins

A Gentleman and a Lady
Barn wood and railroad nails were used
to make a charming, rustic wine rack.

Atlanta Homes

D. Hinkley

The wood ceiling of this small bathroom is an unexpected surprise.

West Elm
As it grows in popularity, reclaimed wood furniture is being
marketed by nationally known manufacturers and retailers.

Not My Beautiful Home

Home Talk


Reclaimed wood was used to frame 
the TV mounted on this fireplace mantel.

Custom Made

Old Wood, Ltd.
Salvaged barn wood was treated and used
to construct this amazingly beautiful floor.

Evan Leavitt Photography
The next time you come across an unpainted, weathered old
building take a few moments to appreciate the decades that it's
withstood the blistering heat, torrential rains, sweeping winds
and freezing sleet.  That's what strength and endurance look like.  

Enjoy the weekend.


  1. Jan- Each and every one of those photos is just amazing. Wouldn't you LOVE to see all those places in person? xo Diana

    1. I could devote my life to photographing old barns and falling down houses! The wood is so beautiful. Thank you for being such a great follower! I truly appreciate it, Jan

  2. WOW at that last picture! Great post!

    - Dana

  3. Hi, thank you so much for coming to leave us a comment!
    We love all those photos!
    Have a nice monday
    Cristina e Laura