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February 21, 2013

You're right - we've gone almost an entire week without Before & After
projects.  Let's take care of that right now.

 Before:  A little dated, this kitchen was O.K. (i.e., boring) 

After:  Pretty amazing, isn't it?

                         Before:                                                                                                After:
What is it about painted kitchen cabinets that make them so warm and inviting?

How cool is it to see someone start with a blank canvas and create a
masterpiece right before your eyes?
   Before:                                                       After:

Now the soft turquoise wall paint highlights the architectural splendor
of the windows.    Home Slice

     Little Yellow Barn  Who would want to spend time in this bedroom?

               Now it's a heavenly haven.  LOVE the barn door headboard and
               the mounted lights.  My first thought on seeing this 'after' was,
               I could make one of those headboards!

How jarring would it be to wake up and walk
into this bathroom early in the morning?

After:  Boundless Bliss!
Who died and went to Decorators' Spa Heaven? This girl!

Settle down.  Back to the real world.  Here are some chair makeovers that
are a little more in my price range:

                           Before:                                                       After:
Phantastic Phinds

                              Before:                                                          After:

                             Before:                                      After:

     Brace yourself - this rocker was bought at Goodwill for $20.
     Would I lie to you?!
                                                                                                                                                                                  Debbie Saenz
                                                                   Great job!

Early American Reproduction     vs     Vintage Kitsch
Nine Red
In 50 years the great-great-grandkids might say, "Why did she paint the hutch?"
They're not the ones who have to live with it now.  Paint on, sister, paint on!


  1. I love the hutch :)

    1. Isn't it amazing what a tremendous difference a coat of paint can make? It appears that the homeowners also painted the walls, too. It's a darling transformation. -- Jan

  2. Jan-What great makeovers all across the board. Love the kitchen and bathroom!!! xo Diana

    1. Thanks, Diana. It's so much prowling for inspiration. -- Jan

    2. meant to type 'it's so much fun prowling for inspiration'. (It really is fun!)

  3. Awesome Friend, Great before and after chairs! Anna

  4. I want to welcome you as the newest follower of my blog!