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February 21, 2013

You're right - we've gone almost an entire week without Before & After
projects.  Let's take care of that right now.

 Before:  A little dated, this kitchen was O.K. (i.e., boring) 

After:  Pretty amazing, isn't it?

                         Before:                                                                                                After:
What is it about painted kitchen cabinets that make them so warm and inviting?

How cool is it to see someone start with a blank canvas and create a
masterpiece right before your eyes?
   Before:                                                       After:

Now the soft turquoise wall paint highlights the architectural splendor
of the windows.    Home Slice

     Little Yellow Barn  Who would want to spend time in this bedroom?

               Now it's a heavenly haven.  LOVE the barn door headboard and
               the mounted lights.  My first thought on seeing this 'after' was,
               I could make one of those headboards!

How jarring would it be to wake up and walk
into this bathroom early in the morning?

After:  Boundless Bliss!
Who died and went to Decorators' Spa Heaven? This girl!

Settle down.  Back to the real world.  Here are some chair makeovers that
are a little more in my price range:

                           Before:                                                       After:
Phantastic Phinds

                              Before:                                                          After:

                             Before:                                      After:

     Brace yourself - this rocker was bought at Goodwill for $20.
     Would I lie to you?!
                                                                                                                                                                                  Debbie Saenz
                                                                   Great job!

Early American Reproduction     vs     Vintage Kitsch
Nine Red
In 50 years the great-great-grandkids might say, "Why did she paint the hutch?"
They're not the ones who have to live with it now.  Paint on, sister, paint on!


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it amazing what a tremendous difference a coat of paint can make? It appears that the homeowners also painted the walls, too. It's a darling transformation. -- Jan

  2. Jan-What great makeovers all across the board. Love the kitchen and bathroom!!! xo Diana

    1. Thanks, Diana. It's so much prowling for inspiration. -- Jan

    2. meant to type 'it's so much fun prowling for inspiration'. (It really is fun!)

  3. Awesome Friend, Great before and after chairs! Anna

  4. I want to welcome you as the newest follower of my blog!