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February 28, 2013

Moving into a new house has been a little overwhelming. Having a clean slate, i.e., blank walls, on which to hang art, pictures, and photos is downright intimidating.  

Do I hang a single piece of art or do I go with the gallery format?  Ultimately, you ask yourself,

"Is this item 'nail-hole worthy'?

This one of my Top 10 All Time Favorite Photos
so you might see it again in the future!

Some of today's photos have been featured here before but, like
old decorating magazines, I enjoy referring back to them for inspiration.


  1. Great selections of ways to display. It is easier to figure out when it is a series, but trickier when one has to find a theme to unite them. It is done very well in that BHG photo with the modern chairs of faded pink, gold, and gray.

  2. They are excellent inspiration pieces!! Wow! When we moved back in after some construction was done to our house it took me a year to really feel like I was finding the right place for things again. I wish you all the best in getting settled!

  3. I love them all! My top 5 favorites would be
    -Heather Scott Home Design
    -Glynis Wood Interiors
    -Down through the wood
    -MY lovely Things
    -Urban Grace

  4. Some great images here! My favourite though is Shoot Factory. ♥♥♥