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February 8, 2013

Giving a vintage door a repurposed life is a beautiful thing.

Which of these chalk board doors do you prefer?

Standing pool-side, this door makes a terrific towel rack.

I never tire of seeing photos of doors used as headboards.

My Desert Cottage

Doors outdoors?  Absolutely!

What a charming garden bench.

Laura Beth Love

 J.B. Lindner

 Julie Law

Julie Head

Molly Dreicer
Screen doors make wonder trellises . . . .

. . . . and, also, great pot and pan racks.

Nanette Johnson

A beautiful idea for a room divider.

Angel Farnsworth has used an interior door to
measure her children's growth over the years.  That's
a door that will definitely become a family heirloom.

Doors have always been a symbol of life's passages
to me.  How noble it is to extend their usefulness.


  1. totally inspired! love the doors as headboards, reminds me of Narnia for some reason! x

    1. It amazes me that I'm always finding new and inspiring designs for old doors. They're one of my weaknesses! Have a wonderful weekend. -- Jan

  2. The door hanging in the kitchen, the purple walls, and the door still partly glass with blackboard in the middle :)

  3. Beautiful photos!

  4. These are all amazing. I especially like the white arbor. I find old doors very hard to find around here. We do not have a lot of places to shop other than Goodwill and yard sales, unless I travel out of town.
    Thank you for sharing . . . these are very inspiring.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Connie, a closely held secret among junkaholics - salvage yards. Some only have metals (scrap iron, aluminum, etc.) but others have all kinds of wood and even doors. Another good source for old doors and shutters is the Habitat for Humanity building materials sales center. But one of the best old doors I've got, I found on the side of the road in someone's garbage pile! I'm not proud - I walked up to the front door, knocked and asked the gentleman if I could have the door. He even loaded it in the back of my van!

  5. I didn't realise there were so many ways to use old doors. You've given me some great ideas!

  6. What great ideas! I love the mirror door and the arbor doors and the second chalkboard door. Now I must find some doors. I'm sure there are rooms here that don't need a door! he he. xx

  7. “Giving a vintage door a repurposed life is a beautiful thing.” All you need is a creative mind, and you’re on your way to making something new from an almost useless thing. If people will consider recycling, then waste will slowly decrease.

  8. All these door projects look awesome! People really have amazing DIY and creative skills! I think that everything looks great! I just might start doing some of these myself!

    Gabrielle Jeromy

  9. There are a lot of cool things that people do with old doors. These are really amazing DIY projects! Not only do these look wonderful, it’s cheap too!

    Terence Watthens