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February 12, 2013

(Please file this post under:  Why Didn't I Think of That?!)

Here are some charming and expensive-looking
Valentines Day gift ideas you can make in an
evening without breaking the bank:

A lolly pop and candy hearts bouquet!

How darling are these butterfly lolly pops?

Keep this idea in mind for next year
'cause you can buy Valentines Day ribbon
on sale this Feb. 15th!

Hugs and kisses!

Find different shaped white plates at the
Dollar Tree, thrift shops, or yard sales.

This darling pillow can be made with felt and fabric scraps.

Even if you don't have 100 pink buttons you
can mix and match red, pink and white. 

Make a special, personalized message by
photographing your hands signing "I Love You".
Now that's romantic!


  1. You are so right, why didn't I think of that...I am so glad you did because this is a really special post. I am getting in the mood for some LOVE, chocolate, flowers or a sweet card will do. My honey will find a way. Or maybe just a kiss that says I love you! Mary

    1. We've been married for almost 25 years and gestures really say more than any gift or card. Several years ago I wrote 'You Are Loved' on a post-it and stuck it on the bathroom mirror while Bob was in the shower. He still keeps it on the mirror (with a little help from scotch tape!) -- Jan

  2. Lovely ideas, especially the 'hand' photos.

    1. That's one of my favorites - so personal and special.

  3. I thought the button idea was really cute. I'm looking for something a bit special for my parents 50th Wedding anniversary in September. Jx

    1. Wow - 50 years, that's wonderful. When a girlfriend's parents celebrated their 50th their children and grandchildren had a 50's party (they were married in 1955). They built a timeline banner that stretched across the living room wall, had everyone dress up like the 1950s and a few guests impersonated actors and famous people from that era. It was one of the cutest and most fun parties I've ever attended. Talk about vintage! -- Jan

  4. <3 I love the hands picture the best, so cute :)

  5. How imaginative! I think my fave is the button picture!
    Daisy x

  6. Hello! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog :) I'm happy to have you along for the adventure!

  7. Such cute ideas! I love the heart wrapped candle! <3

  8. I really like the hearts around the candle. So sweet.