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February 25, 2013

As Winter drags on do you find your moods
influenced by the gray, gloomy weather?  Medical
researchers have identified a syndrome for those
affected by the depressing bleakness of the cold, dark months - Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

One of the remedies for the condition? Surround yourself with bright, cheerful colors.

Yellows, oranges and pastels convey happiness and a positive attitude while certain grays and browns can create feelings of boredom and ennui.

When the landscape outside is depressing, the colors inside should be uplifting
and bright.  While most of us can't repaint our houses seasonally, here are some inexpensive alternatives that are instant mood lifters:

Hang a bright painting in an unusual place. 

Copy an expensive work of modern
art and add your own twist of color.

Invest in a change of bed linens to break the
monotony of using the same comforter year 'round.

                                Desire to Inspire                                   


   Buy fresh cut flowers.

   Keep a bouquet beside
   the bed so that it's the
   first thing you see in 
   the morning.


Don't underestimate the power of a positive quote.

Painting a single piece of furniture instead of painting
the entire room can totally change the decor.

Slip cover a chair to create instant cheer.  It's not permanent,
it's very effective and . . .

                                                                                                                      Zsa Zsa Bellagio
 . . . . . don't forget to slip cover the pillows, too!

Frame a colorful scarf.

Make a lemon wreath and hang
it on the inside of the front door!

Surround yourself with the things you love.  Bring your
collectibles out of storage and enjoy them every day.

Houses that face North and South generally don't have as much natural light as houses that face East and West.  On sunny days keep the curtains open to let in as much light as possible and upgrade your light bulbs to a higher, brighter, wattage.

Mirrors are another trick to magnify
the lighting and space in any room.  

Haus Design


Bohemian Wornest

Laura Casey Interiors

If these tips don't elevate your mood, go into the kitchen
and bake a pan of brownies!  Seriously, can you think of  other
decorating ideas to help combat the Winter Blues?   


  1. Lol! A pan of brownies with nuts sounds really good! Thanks for the pick-me-up! Although I do love winter, I enjoy bright things as well! :)

    1. Me, too - we hardly get any snow in north Alabama but it's gloomy and gray for months. Brownies aren't just delicious, they also provide auroma therapy! -- Jan

  2. What a fab dose of colour - I feel better already! Do you think that's why we love daffodils so much? x Jane

  3. These are great ideas! I have not yet, but I am just itching to put out my Easter decor. It is raining and cold today with tornado warnings, hail last night. It certainly is not the weather we usually have this time of year in N. Florida

  4. Such great ideas and great inspiration! Thank you for the comment..I'm a new follower!

  5. great ideas I love color in my house especially mixing it all up. I have been thinking about painting a horse for my living room. I have a few big paintings I made for my house already and it is a great way to decorate. ~Thanks for sharing Love Heather

  6. Beautiful and inspiring post. I love the idea of framing the colorful scarf. And the mirrors for added light. Thanks for the pick me up. xx

  7. Oh if only I cheer up my dreary cubicle at the office. I think I'll dredge up some of my old travel postcards - and buy a bunch of daisies. Thank you for the inspiration!