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February 19, 2013


                                                 Verdigris Vie                                                                                     Vermont Interiors

Attention, students!  Please take your seats.  We have some very
important material to cover today.  You might want to take notes.

After a comprehensive study by the University of Georgia College
of Environmental Sciences, the Top 4 Most Pleasurable Colors are:

(drum roll, please)

                                                       1.  Green
                                                       2.  Yellow
                                                       3.  Blue
                                                       4.  Orange

The bottom 2 colors for pleasure?  Gray and black!
(Apparently, UGA scientists have not read 40 Shades of Gray.)

Why, you may ask, is green considered the most pleasurable color?
Scientists theorize that the color green represents 'the outdoors and
environmental awareness.'

Is it just me or is it ironic that #1 green + #2 yellow = #3 blue?!

"How many shades of green are there?" you ask.  According to
Wikipedia, there are 106 shades including my favorites - moss,
celery, forest, kelly, and verdigris.


Designer Lindsey Harper created a charming contemporary
dining room palette with green, turquoise, and tangerine.  

Australian designer Matt Gibson chose many different shades of green
for the Shakin Stevens House in Melbourne.  According to Gibson,
"(the house) represents a green symphony adapted to modern requirements."


Copper patina is my most favorite color.  It's
aged, it's warm, and it's uniquely organic:

I'm still not convinced that green is THE most pleasurable of all colors.

                      But scientists may be onto something because looking at this
                      beautiful mounted sea glass does give me a lot of  pleasure.

                      As does viewing. . . . . .

. . . . the Emerald Coast of Panama City Beach, Fl . . . . . .

. . . . or even a simple, peaceful cottage garden.

What is your most pleasurable color?


  1. Beautiful post today! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous finds.

  2. Hi Jan- Oh- I love green- My eyes are green and whenever I wear green I get lots of compliments. + yellow =green. LOL- Great post. I do wear a lot of black-but I punch it up with green- Maybe I am a sad clown? I do think it's true when I walk into a friend's house that is blue and yellow it is just a HAPPY feeling place. Have a great day- xo Diana

  3. I'm completely relaxed and calm just looking at all if the green... love love love this post....

  4. Of... not "if"...
    Sorry I'm on my phone with tiny buttons!!

  5. I have to say it is green....lots of different shades...oh and french grey..oh and maybe a splash of scarlet red!!! Great photos of inspiration! Karen x

  6. These colours are just stunning! It makes me want to paint my house from top to bottom!

  7. Honestly, when I learned of the UGA study, I thought pink/peach would show up in the top 3. Like yellow, certain shades of pink really seem happy to me. And who knew there were 106 shades of green?! -- Jan

  8. no wonder I'm so full of pleasure...I have a whole house sprinkled with such colors

  9. The gulf coast's green and blue is in my heart! I've found my "favorite" color changes about every seven years or so. I'm due for a change soon.

    Fun blog you have!

  10. I love the pics - so pretty. My favorite color is pink. I actually have a pale pink living room, too. I've been very drawn to a sort of sea foam blue/green here lately, too. It's probably my second favorite color. And I do love yellow in the kitchen or on a sunporch.

  11. Ok, that just goes to show the world's people are taste freaks ;) Cause, green - sure - it's all naturey and serene and such. But blue, yellow and orange? Eeuuww. My favorites are purple, gray and black. In that order.

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