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February 6, 2013

There is no accessory for your home as cheap,
plentiful, and versatile as a used book. 

(Memorize this statement and repeat it daily.)

Amy Foster Andrews

. . . . . . and chocolate.

Farouq Ahmed

I know it's not likely but, IF you happen to have an
extra closet that would better serve as a reading
nook, get out the saw and hammer.

               1.  Books as an occasional table
               2. & 3. Books as end tables
               4.  Books as a coffee table
               5.  Books as table legs

Shannon E. Doerr

To effortlessly emphasize a treasure, simply elevate it on a stack of books:


                                                                                              Interior Alchemy                                                                                   Itsy Bits and Pieces

Elaina Malek

Gina Azate

Show your love for books.  Your home will thank you.


  1. A house without books has no soul! Our home is full of books and I can never resist a secondhand book stall - and have found some wonderful books for just a few pence! Thank you for a great blog!

  2. Lovely post pictures. My favorite is the stack of leather bound books with the white roses in a trophy cup. love it.

  3. Oh my! Lots of idea's for book cases! Since I have an entire wall in my office that is nothing but books, this was a post that was great for me! It also inspired me to do a bit of rearranging. :)
    I need to come visit you MORE often. I enjoyed this!

  4. your blog's pictures are more enjoyable than flicking through the best magazine ;))
    Thanks for posting!

  5. I can so relate to this, we have so many books that the shelves are now groaning under the weight! Would not be without them though. x

  6. I truly enjoyed my visit. We have many books but a couple of years ago I got rid of boxes and boxes of them. I've always heard that your books need to be taken down twice a year and dusted. I got tired of dusting and they where wonderful, but the time had come to part with them.
    Then my husband and I both got Kindles . . . it's not the same as holding a book, but nice in so many other ways. I can have a library in my purse, and any time that I find myself sitting in a doctors office (or anywhere waiting) There it is . . .
    I especially like it at doctors offices, because I will not pick up a magazine there . . . I'm a bit of a germ-a-phobic.
    Anyway . . . this was a very delightful stroll through those lovely home libraries.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  7. There are two drawbacks to having lots of books: 1) they can get a little dusty and musty and 2)if you move, they're murder on your back! When we moved last month I donated almost 100 hardbound books to the Humane Society thrift store but just couldn't part with the second hundred! -- Jan

  8. I love books. I just found some in the store I am opening... marked 1904. (o:

  9. What a wonderful post! When we lived in "the big house" we had huge bookshelves that were filled to the brim. It was sad to have to let some of the go--but not all. Although I don't read as much as I'd like to or should, books are comforting to have around. This collection you've put together is awesome! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my Valentine china cabinet. I'm glad I stopped by. ~Zuni

  10. Hello and thank you for calling in and your kind words. I have a little book 'collection' just a few hundred - which seems very small compared to some you show here. I will do a post on them one day as I think that they are delightful. The most wonderful reading nook that I have seen is the one at Sissinghurst, Kent here in England - home of Vita Sackville is the most magical place
    I used to have one of those large wooden dough troughs that feature in your previous post - I bought it from France where they are still used for bread making!
    Best wishes