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February 5, 2013

hoard (hord) noun: a hidden accumulation

collect (ko-lekt) verb: to bring into one body or place; to gather, as in a collection

semantics (sim-an-tiks) noun: studying or interpreting the meaning of language

So . . . . if your accumulation isn't hidden, it's a collection, right?!  

The backs of these hand mirrors are lovely but . . .  

. . . . . these are charming with the mirrors turned out, too.

An unframed, beveled mirror is a beautiful work
of art and enhances natural light so effortlessly.

These weather vanes are beautiful, aren't they?

We should introduce them to . . . . .
Yummy Mummy Club
. . . . . . this owner of weather vane arrows!

Rinne Allen

I never thought that antique rug beaters
were that interesting until now.

Do you understand the desire to
display doll heads in a cupboard?
(Kinda'  creeps me out.)

Rustic Grace

The Home Look
The chicken wire is a brilliant touch.

The antique mantel is the perfect frame
for highlighting the vintage suitcases.
And the clock faces are so quaint,
especially the little, bitty, tiny ones.

Dishfunctional Designs

Cameras have been capturing the moments of our lives for over
150 years and are one of the most popular of collectibles.

Who knew pepper grinders could be so interesting?!

Remember Greg Kinnear's character, Frank Navasky, in the
movie You've Got Mail?  I thought of him when I saw this collection
of vintage portable typewriters hung on the wall.

The small space at the foot of the stairs perfectly
accommodates the shallow shelves for the figurines.

A souvenir spoon rack was cleverly repurposed
to display a collection of vintage hankies.

The simplest of collections can have a powerful impact.

Isn't this rusty wire basket a compliment to the driftwood?

 C.R. Shafran
What a delightfully simple display idea.

Although the matting is different for each of these
silhouettes, the gold frames ideally bond this arrangement.

The wall mounted display case is proportional
to the small match books it holds.


Click here to view Houzz's thousands of photos
of collections.  (Caution: this could take all day!)


  1. LOVE all of the fabulous pictures you posted today. So many talented people:) The photo of the arlarm clocks , Pennie Lily, is actually my home. Thanks for sharing it:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

    1. I love the clock display and the architectural pieces - your home must be so beautiful. I actually found this photo on Pinterest but it was credited Pennie Lily. Thank you for stopping by. -- Jan

  2. Just before Christmas I found an oval mirror almost an exact match as the beveled mirror (bottom left) in your mirror collection photo. I still covet that mirror. It was priced at $200. I don't know if that was a good price or not.
    'You've Got Mail' is one of my favorite movies... if not THE favorite. Yes, I thought of that movie the second I saw the typewriters.

    I agree with you on the doll heads. (smile)
    Take care and it's nice to 'meet' you.

  3. Oh, my goodness. I'm going to bookmark this post. There is so much to see, that I want to come back again and again for inspiration. Yes, the doll heads did creep me out, too.
    It took a lot of time putting this post together and for that I say, THANK YOU !!!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Connie, you always have the sweetest things to say and I appreciate the time you spend visiting my little blog. Collections have always fascinated me - everyone collects something different but I have to admit that the doll heads are something I've never seen before!

  4. I feel like I need to collect more stuff now! :)
    ...espcially retro china and vintage trunks...

  5. Great collections and displayed so well. I love the dough bowls at Itsy Bitsy Pieces. I have not seen them on her blog.

  6. I've been born with clutterphobia but some of your pictures could almost cure me ;) ...
    Just love those can't-escape-chicken .. and those weather vanes ... put mine to shame lol
    brilliant post. Agree with Connie, needs bookmarking

  7. What wonderful collections! Thank for sharing!


  8. Amazing collections, thanks for sharing these! I love the hand mirrors (backsides) and the silhouette's and the graters. But the doll heads are creepy and some collections are just too much stuff! It's interesting what people collect, though. xx

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