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February 18, 2013

Did you have a fun and productive weekend?  Ours was spent visiting with
family and unpacking.  (I think that the boxes in the garage are reproducing!)

Maybe looking at repurposing photos will motivate me
to reuse some of our 'stuff' in fun and unique ways.

WOOT, WOOT!  (Want. One. Of. These!)
How darling is this vintage chicken carrier used as a coffee table?

This would also be a great way to grow
herbs in your kitchen, wouldn't it?

Cute, cute, cute.  Think this is a gardening book?!

Yes, the table runner is made
from pages out of old books.  

Remember a few posts back when I said, "There is
no accessory for your home as cheap, plentiful, and 
versatile as a used book."  It's true.

Granted this would be an expensive light
fixture but, you have to admit, a very cool one.

I love ingenious ideas and this one is stellar.
What a great way to organize a small kitchen.

Yes, that's a vintage colander
made into a light fixture.

Today's Nest
Now is the time to start sewing place mats out of
discarded blue jeans - great for Summer entertaining.

You don't always have to use a picture frame to compliment a vintage
photo.  An old pants hanger and a crocheted doily will do the trick.

Bee You Tee!
The end panels of a vintage crib were used
to make this darling message chalk board.

Here's a useful tutorial from Kammy's Korner for
making a 't-scarf' out of (what else?!) a t-shirt:

 Start with an old t-shirt you no longer
want, cutting it into one long strip

Wind the strip around 3 rolls of paper towels             Glue gun the end of the strip and add a broach

a darling t-scarf!
Kammy's Korner

We've all seen examples of shipping containers converted to housing
units but this might be the best I've found. So stylish, such panache.  

Best Re-Use of the Year Award (an award I just made up!)  German
engineers converted an old airplane into a reading room for a government
run day care center.  How excited would your kids and grandkids be to
read in an airplane everyday?  Very excited, I'll bet.

Have a great Monday.


  1. What a neat post filled with so many interesting repurposed ideas. I think the book idea would be a great idea for my college student who could use them for a headboard that would be easy to take down after the year was up.... just need a whole lot of sticky press ons!

  2. Good Morning Jan,
    Thanks for visiting me. Happy to follow you too;).
    Wow, incredible ideas above very interesting. especially the house from shipping container. My husband would like to have one before. He was thinking to create a house from container. I said why not;)
    great fro sharing these ideas.
    wishing you a great week

    1. A couple of times a year I think how much fun it would be to live in an ultra-contemporary house like the shipping crate one. That style seems to be minimal and uncluttered, definitely too sleek and modern for all of my junk! Thanks for joining my blog, Jan

  3. are you kidding me? I have that very exact chicken crate I'm using as a coffee table...I was thinking of getting rid of it...maybe I just need a new rug beneath it! I'm your new follow!

    1. Thanks for joining the party! I absolutely love that chicken carrier/crate - too cute as a coffee table. Not too long ago I found one at a flea market but it was almost $300. Yikes. Still looking and might even consider visiting an actual chicken farm! -- Jan

  4. I just loved all of these great ideas -- my favorites are the book headboard and the flour sifter and that baby crib message board. Isn't it amazing how we can all get such inspiration from each other? Thanks for pulling these together!

  5. Great ideas here! Thanks so much for becoming a follower of my blog. I can see I need to follow yours too. Need all the inspiration I can get :)

  6. GREAT post! I am a big fan of "re-purposing"...LOVE all these fun ideas :)