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December 8, 2011

Wish I were brave enough to

have a red room in my house.  Especially this time of year.

Red makes such a statement.  It's bold and decisive and in-your-face direct.  

Red says, "The people who live in this house take chances and forge their own paths."  Yeah, wish I were brave.

You simply have to meet Korrie at Red Hen House.  The woman is a creative genius, a DIY wonder, and the stay-at-home mother of 6 - that's right, six! - children. 

Korrie turned vintage suitcases into
charming and useful shelving. 

Take a look at one of her recent before-and-after projects: 

Korrie shows you step-by-step how to create this amazing
faux French bench on her website.  Check it out.

You know what we haven't looked at recently?  Repurposefulness!  It's one of my favorite features and I know you like it, too.

Most television and entertainment cabinets purchased over 5 years ago were built to accommodate tv sets under 40" wide.  With many homes now having larger telelvisions that no longer fit into these cabinets, Better Homes and Gardens recently featured this repurposeful idea - turn them into storage for entertainment and craft supplies.

How much sexier do these shoes look in this
gorgeous antique Empire cabinet?!

Source:  So Adorable
If I were driving down the street and saw this display
of garden boots, I'd laugh and think,
"People with a sense of humor live here!"

   Emily, at Senseless Sophistication, purchased a
   book of antique French property deeds for $20 at
   a flea market.  (I'm lovin' where this story is
   going.)  She recently decided to frame a few of
   them to hang in her mud room. 

                        So very fleaChic, in Deed!

Must close with some crafty repurposefulness today and
feature a couple of holiday uses for wine corks:

Remember, one of the acceptable things about us to get
bigger as we age is our sense of humor!  Have a great day.

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