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December 12, 2011

Christmas 101: Work With What You've Got

Jennifer Holmes, blog author of Dear Lillie, is an amazing woman.  Mother of two and wife to a college basketball coach, Jennifer runs an online boutique and is one of the most creative young women I've (cyber) met. 

Jennifer has transformed her family's lovely townhouse into a holiday wonderland with handmade Christmas decorations and ornaments.  Though her home is small, her creativity and talent are huge!


Jennifer shows that repurposing items you already own is so fleaChic.  These Christmas decorations are also charming in their simplicity:

Source:  House and Home

Source:  House of Bliss

 Source:  la douleur exquise

     Source:  Lou, Boos, and Shoes

Source:  Pink Wallpaper

Source:  The Vintaquarian

Hope you were inspired today.  Make it a good Monday!

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