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December 16, 2011

Happy, happy Friday dance!!! 

(Imagine Elaine on Seinfeld dancing at the Christmas party.  Pitiful.)

The clock is ticking and - gasp! - there are only 9 days 'til Christmas. 

Now that we're in the single digits in our holiday countdown, no more lollygaggin' and frivolity.  Bob, the pooches, and I are packed up and leaving the beach behind.  

While we're on the road I hope you enjoy these lovely Christmas photos from Finding Home.  Although the house is new, the vintage items help convey a sense of aged warmth and a welcoming charm.

 Notice the old drawer on the coffee table.
Isn't that a darling idea for displaying greenery?

Great craft idea - turn old holiday sweaters into pillows!

Goodbye, little beach Christmas tree.  Now, that's pitiful!

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