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December 14, 2011

Don't hate me too much . . . . . .

Bob and I are back at the beach for a few days.  And when I say, 'the beach', there is only one true beach for Southerners: the Panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico (affectionately called the Redneck Riviera.) 

The weather is gorgeous and the beach is deserted - the perfect combination for a coastal get-away. 

I'm sitting on the balcony overlooking the ocean, blogging away with the dogs at my feet.  Surround Sound Snoring.

Just because I'm basking in the sun doesn't mean I'm not slaving away in an effort to bring you exquisite photographs and witty commentary.   What could be more fun than looking at holiday beach decor?   You're right, being 5'10" and wearing a size 4 would probably be more fun but we both know that's not going to happen.

Where was I?  Oh, yes, Beach Christmas Decor . . . . .
Visitors enjoying a front porch rest at Sheila's Victorian
Cottage, St. Augustine, Florida
The cottage was recently featured on a holiday tour-of-homes.
How cute is the
go-to-h*ll hat
perched on top
of the tree?!

That pretty much
says it all when
it comes to the
beach lifestyle -
Source: The Quintessential Magpie

I've learned a few things about people who love the beach:
  1. most of them have a hilarious sense of humor
  2. most of them are laid back and easy going
  3. most of them can drink a sailor under the table

This wreath says, "The owners of this house are too busy
having fun to spend time making crafts or shopping
for Christmas decorations!"

How much do you love driftwood?  It's so beautiful in it's bare simplicity.  Coupled with sea shells it makes an amazing wreath. 

Seriously, what is more vintage than sea shells?!  These guys have been bumping along in the ocean for decades, if not centuries, just waiting for someone to come along and give them a purpose.

Bob can consume more oysters as an appetizer than it takes to make this wreath.  
(Note to self:  go into wreath business)

You don't have to be at the beach to enjoy the flavors of the
ocean.  Sea inspired decorations bring to mind a favorite
vacation or a much anticipated trip to the coast. 

Use your beach vacation souvenirs in your
Christmas decorating scheme. 

It would take lot$ of oar$ to make this Chri$tma$ tree! 

Last night I asked our waitress what the restaurant did with the shells after the oysters were consumed and she told us that they threw them away.  What a waste.

Silver spray paint turns ordinary sea shells
into exquisite holiday decor.
Source:  Completely Coastal
We all know someone who loves the beach.  Why not make them a unique gift that will bring a smile to their face?  You can do it!

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