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December 19, 2011

Source:  Susie Harris
 When it comes to gift wrapping we often end up at the department store where we purchase mass-produced brightly colored paper and top the package off with a single sticky-backed bow.  Whenever I add actual ribbon I feel kind of proud of myself.  Sad.
It's not that we're being thoughtless - just the opposite.  We want to give a lovely gift to someone we care about but are often rushed and a little intimidated by making an original wrapping design.

 Being creative is actually quite simple and economical.  A few posts back I told you about the disasterous Christmas when our dog ate the gingerbread men off of the tree.   That was also the post where I told you about wrapping the gifts in stamped, brown paper and using twine instead of ribbon.  

Whether you choose plain brown paper or white freezer wrap, every package looks special when you add cut-out pieces of sheet music, small vintage items, or black and white photos. 

 Strips of weathered newspaper, an old piece of tulle, and a sprig of evergreen transform a plain, brown package into a charming gift  presentation.

Other wrapping ideas:

o  pages out of an old atlas and maps
    make great wrapping paper 

o  Your children's art or even their
    graded homework are wrappings
    that a grandmother would love

o  presents wrapped in vintage linen
    are charming and useful

o  Ribbon doesn't have to be red, green, or white.   
   Black ribbon on brown paper is dramatic and distinctive.

As long as we're
on the topic of
repurposing, how
darling is this rusty
little Christmas tree
made from vintage funnels?! 

Source:  Patina White

The Gleeson Library at the University of San Francisco
found a use for outdated encyclopedias!

We've all seen empty wine bottles used as candle holders
but look how festive green bottles look during the holidays.

Ever thought about repurposing candy
Yes, candy!

Debbie, at Refresh Restyle recently posted a very
clever idea for making candy bowls.  Here are
her directions in her own words:

Heat Oven to 350°
Unwrap Starlight Mints ($1 at Walmart!)
Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper
Form a circle with your mints
Heat in oven until they melt together (varies depending on oven)
*7 mins for mine (see notes below)

*Do not leave them unattended like I did or you’ll run from your computer to the oven when you realize that beeping noise you hear is the 5 minute timer that you set so that you would not burn these. That’s why I’m guessing it was 7 minutes and I think if you try it, maybe you could stay in the kitchen enjoy a cup of coffee and not panic thinking that there is melted peppermint spilled in the bottom of the oven that you never use. When I do use it, I usually burn something.
(This time it worked out fine.)

After it came out of the oven the circle was a little wonky.  I used a butter knife
and gently reformed a good enough for me circle.
****Do not touch the peppermints****They are still HOT****
I had all these thoughts racing through my head - you have to think fast when
hot candy is setting up!
I got a small bowl and turned it upside down.  Then I grabbed the corners of my parchment paper and draped my warm peppermints over it.  I let the peppermint bowl cool and then I wished that I’d baked something beautiful - but instead I opened a container of these pretty cookies.

Debbie is one of the most talented girls in the blogisphere. 
Here are before and after photos of a
Christmas project for her own front door:

And, here is one of Debbie's original gift wrapping designs:

Newspaper and the angel wings from an old Christmas
ornament help make a unique and beautiful wrapping. 
Visit Debbie's website for more fun holiday ideas.

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