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December 2, 2011

Before-and-After Friday

I've been quite self-indulgent this week (cue hacking cough) but I'm rallying to bring to you some impressive and inspirational makeovers. 

When found in a thrift shop, the vintage hutch (top right) was in fair condition.  Stripped and stained, it now serves as the focal point in this renovated 1960's tract home.  Totally fleaChic!

Source:  Chic Modern Vintage

The transformation of this dresser is almost beyond believing: 

 Source:  Liz Marie

Admit it - at some phase in your life (college, early marriage, etc.) you've had a dresser similar to this one.  Left in its pitiful 'before' condition, I would refer to it as Early American Presswood.  But no longer.  Say it with me, "It's so fleaChic!" 

For your next -gasp in awe- moment, I'm proud to present a space makeover.  Few of us are lucky enough to have a private, airy, and cheerful spot in which to work and create.  (I truly don't know how the graphic artist consigned to this depressing and dreary basement accomplished anything let alone created art.)

Under the category of Work With What You've Got -
 The designer quickly improved the lighting, painted, covered as much of the utilities as possible with usable cabinets, and defined the area as her own working studio.  It's amazing what you can accomplish with a little money and lots of elbow grease and imagination.

Source:    Twolia


Often just cleaning, sanding, and painting 
can produce the most charming results:

In your search for the Big Prize, don't
overlook smaller, serviceable pieces.
Source:  Lilyfield Life

Sanded and painted, these four dated bookcases were transformed into a beautiful and useful architectural feature.  By adding arches to the top of each unit and securing them together, you now have a sturdy and charming display area.


Show me a girl who doesn't love Tiffany Blue and I'll show you a girl who's never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's!  You could decorate an entire room around this dresser -
wouldn't it look darling in a nursery?!

Source:  Better After

I was a little hesitant to show you the following renovation.  This project is definitely not for the faint of heart but, looking at the condition of the cabinet, what would you have to lose?

Sadly, the veneer was beyond repairing.


You're thinking, "Why did that woman cover that cabinet 
with a Denver Omelet?!"  Well, she didn't. 
That's a resin treatment for the top of the
cabinet which couldn't be salvaged. 
Full details are posted at The Little Green Notebook.

Don't you love the surprise orange interior?  
Not only does it blend with the colors of the
resein treatment, it pulls together the frame and
the rug in the room.  tres fleaChic! 

I'm going out on a limb here but I think this might be
my favorite Before and After of the Year.  Amazing.

Have a great weekend and do just one thing you've been putting off. 
You'll feel so proud of yourself after it done!

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