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December 21, 2011

During this gift giving season, repurposing makes more sense than ever. 

Your friends will say, "You're so clever!" while you're thinking, "I'm so fleaChic!" 

One great aspect of using vintage photos to make a 
Memory Wreath is that it doesn't have to be permanent.  
Either make copies of the photos you want to use or 
temporarily stick them together with double-sided tape.

Source:   Meadowbrook Farm
No snow?  No problem.  Put those skis, sleds,
and skates to use in other ways.

                    Source:  Tiny White Daisies

Thrift stores are a good source for finding old sheet music.  

Source:  ReyclArt
A few days ago I posted some alternative gift wrapping ideas.  Here is one using faded newspaper with the added touch of old stamps.  If you  have a news stand close, pick up a foreign newspaper and allow it to fade for a week before using it.  Mysterious and chic!

Source:  7 Gypsies

Something as simple as a sprig of holly leaves and berries adds a totally different dimension to any package.

The gifts in the chair below were wrapped in pieces of embossed wallpaper. 

Elegant and economical!
                       Source:  Rebecca Newport Photography

Wish I had seen this photo before I stopped by the
Habitat For Humanity thrift store last week - they had 
silver plated trays on sale for $2. (!)

A glue gun, a gingham bow, and a box of metal cookie cutters from Joann Fabrics are all you  need to make this darling wreath.

So simple and yet so charming.  Children love craft projects, especially during the holidays.  Put those little hands to work!
Source:  Better Homes and Gardens

Speaking of kitchen utensils:

I. Love. This. Idea.   Tired of using the hurricane glass vase for the candles?  Just pop a cheese grater over them!

The girls at Funky Junk Interiors are SO imaginative.  Take a close look at one of their Christmas trees.  Notice anything different?

They incorporated a vintage ladder within the tree!  This is one of the most realistic artificial trees I've ever seen and it was assembled within the ladder. 

Tarnished spoons and rusty items are held in
place with old-fashioned clothes pins. 
 I will never look at a rusty cog the same way again.

Thanks for stopping by.  Today's going to be a great day,
I just know it!

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