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December 5, 2011

Alternative Christmas Decorations

It's hard to believe that the aluminum  Christmas tree we had when I was growing up is now collectible.  The tree came with an electric color wheel so that it would shine as green, red, and gold.  I hated that tree.

The tree came with a lifetime guarantee, and, boy, they weren't kidding.  The height of 1960s Christmas decor, our Silver Forest tree was tres chic during the Atomic Age.

Here are some alternative Christmas decorations that children will look at in 50 years, shake their heads, and ask, "What were our parents thinking?!"

Leftover wood was used to make this primitive Christmas tree.  At first I thought, "Nooooooo."  But, it's growing on me.  It's kind of elegant in its simplicity.

Yes, this is a ladder strung with lights and ornaments and I'm diggin' it.  How hip and cool would you have to be to pull this off?!  Both of these images were featured at CasaCullen.

Everyday items can be incorporated into charming holiday decor:

Whoever designed this quirky chandelier was the McGyver of Christmas decor.  Who would think to use old punch bowl cups in a light fixture?  LOVE it!                                            Source:  Madeline Boulesteix

Anne Corys introduced her interpretation of the latest fad - a black Christmas tree.

It's definitely not for everyone but, you have to admit, it's unique if not a little too Tim Burton.
Proof that Christmas decorations don't have to be
over-the-top overwhelming.  Keep in mind your
decorating space - big space can accommodate
big presentations but small spaces can be elegant, too.

Source:  Elizabeth Maxson Photography

Uber contemporary, this wall tree is composed of
treasured family mementos and craft items.   
Source:  Brown Button

     Source:  The White Company

Do you think that Christmas decorations represent the
personality of the person displaying them?  Maybe that's
why I hated our aluminum tree!

Tomorrow we'll look at some traditional Christmas trees and decorations.  Join me!

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