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August 25, 2015

Where are the vintage 1970's clothes hiding?  Where?

"What's so great about 70's fashion?" you ask.

Oh, baby - platforms, pant suits, maxi dresses,
halter tops, hot pants, peasant blouses - fun!

Bell bottoms and platforms

Seventeen magazine, May, 1973

As women broke through the corporate ceiling
pant suits became the ensembles du jour:
 Pant Suit, 1971

Yves Saint Laurent, 1971

I remember the first time a member of our congregation wore a
pant suit to church.  My mom freaked out along with several other ladies.
Within a year almost all of the women were wearing pants to church!

 Flared cuffs with zippers on the sides!

Polyester ruled!

The Wrap dress was all The Rage: 

And, the wrap blouse, too!

You think platforms are a new trend?!

Disco platforms 

1973 stylin'

Italian espadrilles, 1973

I. Miller, 1971

 Helene Arpels, 1975

Bicentennial platforms, 1976

Sandals, late 70's

The peasant blouse was a hold-over from the late 1960's:

 Linen Cargo dress, 1971

 Hand crocheted skirt and halter top, 1973

For collectors interested in 70's fashioin, estate
sales are THE best source of discoveries.

 The maxi dress combined day wear
with evening couture:

 And evening wear fashions exploded on the
scene with sophistication and chic:


Halter metallic gown by Bob Mackie, 1976

French draped gown, 1978

Gown from the Netherlands, 1972

 Who could forget The Caftan?!

Greece, 1972

 Prom dress, 1977

Oscar De La Renta gown, 1977

70's wedding dresses remained fairly traditional yet inventive:

Love Child Hippie meets Traditional Values
It's all about compromise!

And, isn't that what Life is about?


  1. A great trip down memory lane! Jx

  2. Being a Pastor's wife during that era I broke the rules and wore a pant suit to an evening service...and my husband (the pastor) was called by the deacons to suggest (haha) that I NOT wear them again. I didn't....but before long..the deacons wives were wearing pant suits... I broke the ice. HaHa.

  3. Loved my trip back into the past, I loved the maxi dresses, especially with keyholes haha. And the shoes, well we'd better not get into that.
    Have a lovely week,