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August 26, 2015

In honor of National Dog Day let's look at some
photos of that should be labeled 


This carved chair is quite interesting:
 It's the fabric that just doesn't cut it.

No! No! No! to repurposing old blue
jeans into furniture fabric:

Clever or creepy?

There's some earnest craftsmanship here but I
just don't want my chairs to have human feet.

Stone cold marble.  Not very inviting.

We can spot a repurposer a mile off, can't we?
You gotta admit - it's softer than the marble.

We thought old yoga mats retired to that big
Lotus Pose cloud in the sky, didn't we?

If this chair could scratch my back I might be interested.

Whoever designed this fabric is just plain sadistic:

Just say "NO!" to drugs and to this sofa:

Failed sofa or failed art project?  Both!  This work
is titled Domestic Pig Couch and Sculpture

Giant cat sofas might actually catch on:

This is a sofa intentionally designed
to accommodate humans and cats:
Looks more comfortable for cats than for humans.

This couch was named Ugliest Sofa of 2010:
(And it's still pretty much undefeated.)

No words.  Truly.

Jelly beans or Easter eggs?
You have to admit it does look yummy.

Two words:  Pillow Fight!

Anthropologie offers this deconstructed sofa by Italian
designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for $2,500:
Didn't someone say, "Money can't buy taste"?
Apparently, $2,500 doesn't buy what it use to.

A grass-covered indoor picnic table:

Seriously?  Wouldn't it just be easier to go on an actual picnic?

I love repurposing unused space as much as anyone:
. . . . I just can't imagine how they got the sofa into the closet.

 "Why, yes, I do like my occasional Budweiser.
How could you tell?"

The Guardians of the Bathroom are not happy this morning:

In the right hands this room has SO much potential:
But, the Right Hands called in sick when this room was decorated.

"Honey, I'll cover up the fireplace insert so that no one will notice." 

This doll collector needs an intervention:

Cork and mirror tiles - who knew they still made these?

Suspended Fire pit.  What could possibly go wrong?

You're right - art is completely objective.
Maybe I'm just not objective enough.

 Looks as if this religious reliquary
collection is getting out of hand.

Anatomy lamp shade, anyone?  No!

Yikes!  I'd hate to meet this guy in the
bathroom in the middle of the night.

What have we here?
A 3-D bathroom floor design that looks as if you're on
the edge of the ocean.  High Tide!  Too realistic to me.

Art.  Schmart.  It's just dumb.

 What is wrong with this tableau?  Notice
the skull accessory on the pedestal table?

This room gives me a headache:

The homeowners extended the kitchen and
had to add a beam to stabilize the addition:
That's right - straight through the cabinet:

Wallpaper Fail Alert!
 How restful would it be to look over your shoulder
and see a jet landing in  your living room?

Let's take a look at some structural home fails:
I didn't know that Lego made life-sized blocks.

Bricks.  Lots and lots of bricks:

Pharaoh complex?

I think they forgot to include windows in the budget.

Imagine having to design window
treatments for this house:

Needed:  bricks that match

Was this building lot really a bargain at any price?

Buildings with faces are kinda' cute.

Camouflage paint fail.

The realtor who sold these properties was some salesman:

The view is so spectacular that you might forget
you're living on the edge of a crumbling cliff:

We all make mistakes.  Some just hang around longer than others.


  1. WOW~ These were awesome!! I cracked up at pretty room that had a painting of a beat up trailer. I made up a theory that maybe they had hard life growing up but were now successful and always want that trailer picture as a reminder to stay strong.

  2. Yes, what were they thinking?

  3. I like the ocean floor and the jet landing but not sure I could live with them.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Well, what can you say really? Some of those pictures are truly horrible.
    Have a lovely day.