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August 27, 2015

Quirky Fact Thursday

Watch collectors were drooling when this item came to auction:
The Longrines wrist watch belonged to Albert Einstein and sold
at auction in 2008 for almost $600,000 - the most ever paid for a
Longrines watch and a new record for Einstein memorabilia.

Speaking of time pieces . . . . . 
Actually, this is more efficient than a wrist watch but
I'd need a tiny little sun dial for the minute hand.

Ooh, LaLa!
 Historians know lots of facts about the Palace of Versailles:
•  The palace was originally a brick and stone chateau used as a hunting lodge  
  •  Construction to expand it began in 1623 by Louis VII and completed by Louix XIV
•  It sits on 17 acres in Versaille, France
•  There is actually a front door key to the palace:
Wouldn't that look nice hanging in grandma's spoon rack?

In 1911 the U.S. Government made no secret about
selling prime land that belonged to American Indians:
That was just wrong.

The diary of Theodore Roosevelt the day his wife, Alice, passed away:
This breaks my heart.  Alice was just 23 years old
and they had been married only 4 years.

Tobacco memorabilia collectors might be interested in this fact:
How cool would it be to find an unopened pack of stale
cigarettes that contained two of these pennies?

What?!  A new house for less than $4,000?

How 'bout comparing car sticker prices from 1950?
Only $38 a month for a new Nash?  Yes, please!

As long as we're waxing nostalgic:
A Big Mac for 65¢?!  Now I'm sad and hungry.

Am I the only one who's never heard of these?
A record player collection wouldn't be complete without one.

Hope you got a kick out of today's miscellaneous fun
photos.  See you tomorrow for a Before & After Friday.

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