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August 24, 2015

We're in the Dog Days of Summer so what better time
to have a canine-inspired Repurposeful Monday?

Yard sales and Craigslist are terrific sources for finding a used baby crib:

Gail at My Repurposed Life offers a fabulous tutorial
on how to convert a crib into a classy crate.  Check it out.

Home Talk recently featured this ingenious Industrial Chic
dog feeding and watering station:

You can view the construction tutorial here.  I'm no building
expert but this station is do-able for the novice DIYer.

This pet station was created from a vintage chest of
drawers that also provides blanket and toy storage:

I am  IN  LOVE  with this repurposed twin bed idea:
View the tutorial here on how to make your
own little-person-in-furry-pajamas bed.

No tutorial needed for these two adorable beds -
just turn an end table upside down:

I was so taken with the cuteness-overload that I
almost didn't notice the clever chair repurposing:

Smart re-use of an old dresser:

Soft Surroundings sells this adorable footstool
pet bed for over $230 including shipping:
I can't help but think that you could make one for a whole lot le$$.

A grooming salon cranked up the imagination factor with
dog bowl light fixtures and a tennis ball covered counter:

Fact:  dogs jump up on sofas and beds.  
Make a durable, washable cover out of old blue jeans:

Boy, do we have lots of dog hair around our house.
It makes great nesting material for our feathered friends.

Who's a good boy?  Who's a good boy?
Daddy is a good boy for sharing his old shirts!

Cut up old sweaters and stitch the pieces together
to make a comfy, colorful pet pillow:

Don't toss out socks that have lost their mates.
Braid them into an upcycled chew toy:

Need a quick replacement for a water dispenser?
Clean a large plastic juice jug and fill it with water.  Place it in
a deep casserole dish and poke a hole near the bottom.   Water will
continuously fill the dish to just over the hole, keeping your pet
supplied with water.  Can't beat the Law of Physics!

This ingenious idea not only repurposes drawers, it
keeps the cat's food elevated so the dog can't eat it:

Looking for an inexpensive way to corral your pooch?
 Install posts and slip pallets over them.  Long iron spikes can be used, too.

What I really like about this pallet pen is
that the flooring keeps puppy's feet dry.

Did you actually think I'd forget our Feline
Friends on this Repurposeful Monday?!
The Gypsy Barn is loaded with DIY ideas for redesigning damaged furniture.
This Kitty Condo is just one of many projects for creating some very swanky 'digs'!

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how creative people can be.
    These pets are loved and well cared for.
    I'm smiling!

  2. Amazing, ingenious repurposing, I too am smiling.

  3. Great ideas. Very very clever.

    cheers, parsnip