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August 28, 2015

Viewing Before & After photos is so much fun and inspiring.

And what better time to post dorm room transformations?!

Every dorm room I've ever seen has the same stark, bare blandness.
Today's photos show some very inviting alternatives.


 This transformation shows that it's possible to
take a large white box and make it livable:


Well, it is a blank slate:
Group hug!

Here's an Ole Miss dorm room that received
The Ingenious Freshman Treatment:

Ole Miss Rebels are quite creative, aren't they?


Wall decals can really dress up a room:

Most colleges are fairly strict about what you can and cannot
do to a room - usually no painting the walls, anything you
put up must come down at the end of the school year, and no
permanent structural changes.  That doesn't leave much room
for individualism or unique decor, does it?

This Resident Adviser's single room is a perfect
example of Bohemian Chic:


This room utilizes every ounce of space:
Before                     After

This dorm room went from bleak:
 to sleek:

Who would have thought that this skinny, little
room could have such a HUGE personality?

This room has an interesting shape:

Okay, I get it - this is a guy's dorm room.  With the mantle feature
it could have been so much cuter but it's still better than the 'before.'

Here's a guy's dorm room that uses color to the best advantage:

That's blue tape on the desk drawers!  It completely
transforms its appearance and peels off at the end of the year.

Surprise!  Here's a 'girl's version' of the same
exact room style and furniture:
What fun to see the different treatments of the same room.

The top floor of a fraternity house held bunk beds and dressers.
The members replaced them with custom made mattress platforms
that have storage underneath.  What an improvement.


Unfortunately, I don't have the 'before' photos of these
next few rooms but the 'after' shots are adorable:
(seen one dorm room 'before', seen 'em all!)

 Super cute repurposing of shutters as headboards.

The N.Y.U. dorm room, above, looks so chic and sophisticated.

Removable tape was used on the wall to 'frame'
photos on family and friends:

I absolutely LOVE this idea:

Cover one wall with huge squares of multi-colored construction paper or fabric.

A simple bookcase makes the perfect headboard:


Dorm rooms are so drab and devoid of personality.


But they don't have to be!

These sweet girls are a little under-whelmed with their dorm room:

. . . . . until their moms got hold of it!
Aren't those bookcase headboards terrific? 

Scandinavian dorm rooms have a lot in
common with American ones:

This chest of drawers was painted when the owner's daughter went to college:
 And then repainted it when the son went to college:

You know me so well - I do save the best for last!

I hope these projects will inspire you or someone you know
who is sending a child to college.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Took me back to when my daughters left for university and dressing dorms.

  2. What a great post today. I loved it but.......
    This only works if the two roommates have the same tastes.
    And agree to all the fluff and ribbons.

    My son lived with two roommates that must have been brought up in a cave.
    The bathroom was growing a new life form.
    Then he moved to a two person room.
    Son's side was all neat and clean.
    His roommate threw his mattress on the floor in the open closet made a nest,
    threw his books, clothes and other stuff on the empty bed and lived on the floor.
    Yeah, you don't always get a great or even half human roommate.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. This is my first time to your blog. Loved the before and after. Very creative. Have a great day...I will come back. Mary